New Halo 5: Guardians trailers revealed!

There's always more to a story

There’s always more to a story


Get your armour and  get ready to shoot some grunts, ‘cause we’re talking Halo people!

After launching a ‘Hunt the Truth’ teaser website last week for Halo 5, Microsoft is keeping the mystery surrounding this game alive with two new trailers. While mostly meant to whet your appetite, the two do reveal some important details.

As stated in the tweets that accompanied the trailers, there are two sides to the story this time. The first, of course, is the Master Chief’s perspective and the second perspective is that of the playable Agent  Locke. While unclear what it is exactly, there is a definite connection between these soldiers.
Agent Locke  even calls Master Chief “The one who was supposed to save us all” and last week the aforementioned teaser website posed the question of “Who is the real Master Chief?” For now, we can only wonder.

Fans will also be glad to see that Cortana makes an appearance, though the level of her involvement remains unknown, but it’s good to see our trusty partner again either way.

Halo 5: Guardians is Xbox One exclusive from 343studios and should be out on October 27th, this year.

You can find the Master Chief trailer here:
And the Agent Locke trailer here:

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