Fan Friday – Beautiful Fan Art

What is Fan Friday? Well, the clue’s in the name. We take the opportunity to look at some of the amazing things fans have made or done for their interests and share some of the ones we liked best with you. Pictures, digital art, videos, we’ll talk about them all!

This time, though, we will be focussing on art and we’ve found 5 beautiful pictures we wanted you to see.

Artist: Silverbirch

Artist: Silverbirch

The first is this beautiful picture of a Mega-Aggron very gently planting saplings. Not many of us would list Aggron as the first Pokémon that jumps to mind when we think of gentleness, but that’s not entirely fair.

The artist Silverbirch has beautifully captured the spirit of older Pokédex entries, in which Aggron is described as taking very good care of its territory. The fact that it’s Mega-Evolved does strike us as a bit odd, though. Is there a trainer standing just out of shot, desperately trying to get his Aggron to focus on the battle he had it Mega-Evolve for in the first place?

Artist: Dark-Adon

Artist: Dark-Adon

Next up is an up-close and personal portrait of Ellie, from The Last of Us. It’s safe to say this kid drew a pretty damn short straw in life and you can feel the weight of that while looking at this portrait. It’s depressing, but it should be and Dark-Adon really managed to show the weight on her shoulders with little more than the look in her eyes.

Artist: Melaniedelon

Artist: Melaniedelon

A blast from the past with a picture of Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Pictures like this just go to show how big a part of our lives Disney was when we were kids. Even years later, fans are still making beautiful art out of the stories their movies introduced us to.

We’re a little divided on Melaniedelon’s picture, though. It’s a bit dark for our tastes (Which seems to be a theme with their amazing princess series). On the one hand it makes things like the red of Ariel’s hair and the coral stand out, but on the other we would have liked to see a bit more colour in the reef in general.

Artist: Vombavr

Artist: Vombavr

Anyone who has played Transistor can tell you that the story, while somewhat confusing, is also very tragic. Vombavr makes good use of the vibrant colours of Transistor’s world in the background and the art on Red herself is both detailed and very pretty. The way she’s almost cradling her weapon is a great nod to what it holds and her relation to ‘it’. Still, the rational part of our brain is forcing us to wonder if that’s really the best way to hold something that’s used more or less as a sword for the entire game.

Artist: Rozemira

Artist: Rozemira

Teemo. Love him or hate him, you have to admit he’s pretty cute. He’s a jungle exploring little fuzzball, how can you not want to hug that? Oh, yeah, the tendency to shoot poison darts at people.

Cute certainly seems to be what Rozemira was going for. Even Zyra, by all accounts kind of a monster, looks positively precious. The beautiful, bright colours give the whole thing a very vibrant appeal and it just made us smile.

We hope you liked what we had to show you. All of these artists are very talented, so click on their names and have a look at the rest of their work.

Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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