A Week of Thrones – Fan Art

When we started Fan Art Friday, we intended to make it a bi-weekly thing. Now though, with the next season of Game of Thrones so close, we just had to take some time to show you this beautiful art made by the fans.

Artist: DaniNaimare

Artist: DaniNaimare

First up is this beautiful image of Daenerys and her dragons, sitting on the iron throne. It’s a rather dark image, but the detail is amazing. You can almost count the teeth and scales of the dragon in the foreground (We’re not sure which of the three it is supposed to be) and even the blades incorporated in the iron throne are very lovingly drawn.

Artist: Eskatoad

Artist: Eskatoad

Next up is actually a very relevant one for the new season. The Sand Snakes. Not much of a background, sadly, but the ladies themselves look great. Frankly, we feel the artist did a better job representing them than the HBO casting department did.

Artist: Protokitty

Artist: Protokitty

Third, another Daenerys picture……What? It’s not our fault she gets a lot of fan art. While the previous image was very dark, this is nothing if not bright. The colours here are very well done and this is just a great representation of a strong female character. It seems fire truly cannot harm dragons.

Fourth, the brothers of the night’s watch. While the wall is a fairly bleak place most of the time, it’s not entirely devoid of warmth and camaraderie. The anime style of drawing is a nice touch and this image is a good reminder that, though they might be men of the watch, they are still rather young.

And finally, we have a scene from quite a while ago already. A defeated Jaime Lannister is dragged before Rob and Catelyn Stark. This is another drawing with great attention to detail and some really pretty lighting. Our one criticism is that the artist didn’t show Jaime’s face, leaving us to forever wonder if he depicted him angry at being beaten or angry and smug. Either way, it’s a beautiful image of a time when things looked much better for the Starks than they do now.

Just like last time you can click the pictures or names of the artists to see more of their work. They are all quite talented and worth checking out. Did you like these images? Do you agree with us on the Sand Snakes issue? Let us know in the comments below!

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