Fan Art Friday – 3 Great Fan Videos

This Fan Art Friday we took a slightly different approach. While fans can make the most beautiful drawings, it is hardly the only way they show their love to the books, games or series that inspired them. Sometimes they want more than a still image.

So this time, let’s look at some fan made videos.

First up is this lovely tribute to ten years of Doctor Who. Being mere Dutchies the whole Doctor Who thing just kinda……slipped by us. It was never as big here as it was in the UK or US, even after it was reintroduced in 2005.

Still, this beautiful video kinda makes us want to watch. Three 3:39 minutes might not seem like much in the grand scheme of things, but trust us when we say that it is a nightmare to edit it all together. Especially when done in this beautiful style.

Despite not being very familiar with the series, this video almost made us feel nostalgic for it. That takes a lot of talent. The tone is very melancholy, without overdoing it and becoming depressing, and you can feel the love for the show that went into this.

John Smith did an amazing job with this video and, who knows, we might see about watching some more Doctor Who.

Next up, Breaking Bad. More specifically Walter White. Now, Breaking Bad had a lot going for it already. Good story, good characters, good actors and a good grasp of when to let tension build and when to let things calm down. However, you have to wonder if the show had still been as popular if they had done Walter any other way than they did.

This video doesn’t show a chronological order of events, yet you can still follow Walter’s change from a calm, respectable character who is easy to sympathise with, to one that’s…less so. In a way it’s a terrible transformation, but the way Walter treats it makes it almost seem like a good thing. Like it’s a form of freedom he’s finally attained.

Whether you stuck with Walter all the way or you simply couldn’t sympathise anymore, this video is a great summary of the character. It’s a bit long, but it’s well worth watching.

Third and last is The Confined, a Silent Hill…ehm…video. Yeah, we’re really not sure if we should be calling this a trailer or a teaser or something else entirely. Either way, it’s very well done. Apparently it was originally made in the hopes of getting a creature role in the official movie, but it seems that never happened.

In the description the video’s creator talks about a full short film, but sadly it appears that this was never finished or released, as the last video on his channel is over 3 years old and there have been no other videos uploaded for this project.

It gets a lot of things totally right. The unrelenting horror of Silent Hill, the helplessness, the horrific abominations and even the music all fit right in.

There’s a few things we found disappointing though. For example, it’s shot entirely inside and we’d have loved a look at Silent Hill’s fog-filled streets. However, we understand that it must be difficult to find a good location for that.

We have a bigger problems with torture/murder scene, though. While Silent Hill is certainly not opposed to causing physical harm to whoever it’s set its sights on, the town has always been way more concerned with psychological torture. It feels a little out of place, almost as if a scene from a slasher movie was spliced in.

All the same, this is very well done and shows a clear understanding of what makes Silent Hill work. Frankly, we’re almost sad that we didn’t see this creature in the official movie…But let’s not talk about the official movie.

So what did you think of the videos? Know about others we just have to see? Let us know in the comments below!

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