Fan Art Friday – Fan-made Songs


Last time we covered fan-made videos and this time we’re taking a slight spin on that. Shows, games, movies and even books sometimes present us with beautiful songs that stick with the fans. There’s quite a few games and movies that are almost universally hated, but praised for their soundtrack.

It’s no wonder, then, that the more musically talented fans often cover these songs and put their own spin on them. Some even take it further than that and go so far as to write and compose entirely original songs, just for a game or show they like.

We here at the Fanbot can barely stand to write without some kind of music in the background, so something this creative and nice to listen to is something we can certainly appreciate. Of course we’re not the only ones who do, so there’s one or two you might already know about, but if you don’t you really should check them out!


Now we fully understand that this first one might not be to everyone’s tastes but…yeah…this is our list and we are bloody well gonna include some metal.

Anyway, as you might have guessed from that, 331Erock makes really, really awesome metal covers. Now that might not seem that special, but he use things you would never expect to work well with metal. For example, a metal of Queen’s songs or even something silly like the super Mario theme might not seem so strange.

But then you start seeing things like ‘The Bear and the Maiden Fair’ from Game of Thrones, Skyfall by Adele and…..Let it Go? Seriously?

Yup, a metal cover of ‘Let it Go’ from Frozen. Probably the weirdest thing is how well the combination works and the same goes for a lot of the examples listed above. If you can watch more than one of his cover without head banging, go to a doctor and get your neck checked out.

Again, this could just not be your thing, but if you are even remotely interested in metal then his channel is well worth checking out!

Peter Hollens

Ok, to appease the people who aren’t in to metal, let’s jump genres and talk about Peter Hollens. You won’t find squealing guitars here, as Peter generally does Acappella covers. Everything from Disney to Game of Thrones, if it has a song in it then odds are Peter’s covered it.

That’s hardly a band thing either, considering he has a beautiful voice. The video below is of his cover of ‘The Hanging Tree’ from the Hunger Games series and it is a great example of his work. Peter wonderfully captures the desperate, melancholy tone of the song while adding his own twist to it.

Peter has quite the following already, so don’t hesitate and be sure to give his work a listen.


Third is Karliene, and while her following might be slightly smaller she is still very talented. She’s got quite the library of songs (both covers and original) already, but if you’re looking for some of her nerdier work, we recommend her Game of Thrones songs.

The video below is of her rendition of ‘The Last of the Giants’ from Game of Thrones. While many people have commented that the song was intended for someone with a deep, resounding voice, Karliene’s version has more of a ‘campfire song’ feel to it that suits her voice.

We agree that a rendition with a deeper voice might be better, but this song is no less beautiful for it. Be sure to check out her channel or her website, where she offers a lot of her music for free.


This next one you might have heard of. Malukah’s been featured on IGN and quite a few websites like it for her beautiful rendition of ‘The Dragonborn Comes’ from Skyrim. She has covered a number of songs from Skyrim and her beautiful voice combined with the gentle guitar music really gives you the feeling as if a medieval bard is singing to you.

She has even composed and recorded some songs for Elder Scrolls Online with a number of other musicians. One of these ‘Three hearts as one’ you’ll find in the video below. Sadly Malukah doesn’t post videos nearly as often as we’d like, but it is always a treat when she does.

Miracle of Sound

What were we supposed to do? Not talk about him?

Gavin Dunne, more commonly known as Miracle of Sound, has written songs for most AAA games we can think of and that’s not even mentioning the movies, tv shows and original songs. You’ve probably seen some of his work on youtube or the Escapist.

You could make a good argument for Gav being the most musically gifted one on this list as he does all the work on his songs alone, bar the occasional collaboration, and each new song has a different style or genre to suit the subject. As we said he has also made several original songs that beautifully showcases his rock and metal roots.

He has a real talent for capturing the atmosphere of a game or the nature of a character that shows he understands the material he’s basing the song on. Whether his songs are funny, melancholy or happy and energetic, Gav’s work is almost always great. We actually had a hard time picking a favourite to put here, but we finally decided on his Dark Souls 2 song ‘The Fires Far’.

Basically all of Gav’s music is for sale, so be sure to check his channel and support him. The world of music needs more people like him.

Though they each have their unique points, all of these people are amazingly talented and we certainly hope they’ll continue to bring us new songs. We’re always on the lookout for something new to read while writing, guys!

What do you think of our picks? Did we leave someone out? Do any of these not deserve to be on the list? Let us know in the comments below! Be sure to check out these great artists by clicking their names!

Also don’t forget to follow the Fanbot so you’ll be the first to know when we upload new content! If you want more from us, be sure to visit our Facebook, Twitter and Youtube pages!

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