3 Interesting Upcoming Movies (Plus 1 Extra)


We’ve talked about upcoming books a bit and of course we’ve paid attention to the big upcoming movies, but there’s plenty of others we haven’t talked about yet. So we figured we’d look at some interesting fantasy movies that’ll be out soon.

Just in case any of you forgot mother’s day yesterday, we’ve included an extra one you might want to show them.

Inside Out – June 19th

First up is the Pixar movie Inside Out. This looks like it’ll be a good one. The movie’s about a young girl named Riley…Or rather the emotions of a young girl named Riley. It’s a little unclear how this universe works, exactly, but something happens to her memories and it’s up to the emotions ‘Joy’ and ‘Sadness’ to set things right. This sets them on a journey through Riley’s memory to reach the control room where her core memories were stored.

It’s a very interesting concept in a very relatable scenario. Riley’s just started and at a new school and seems to be on the verge of puberty. There’s few things that’ll screw your emotions up more.  Granted, the fact that it’s a girl might make it a little harder for boys to relate, but we doubt it’ll detract from the enjoyment too much.

Now, Pixar doesn’t always strike gold. The Cars franchise is proof enough of that. However, this seems like it’ll be a great funny movie with some good emotional moments and we’re quite looking forward to it.

Of course, since this is a Pixar movie, we have to wonder. When will we see the pizza truck? How will this fit into the Pixar timeline?

Tomorrowland – May 21st

Well, the Hunger Games have caused a massive rise in interest for young adult novels and movies, so it’s no wonder we find someone jumping on the band wagon. We’re probably even less surprised that it’s Disney.

Tomorrowland, if that title made you role your eyes, welcome to the club. However, that’s not to say that the movie appears to be bad. It looks…Harmless. It’s what’s going around it that’s odd.

Let’s talk about the plot. We’ve included the 2nd trailer here because while the 3rd and last focusses more on the action, the 2nd explains things a bit more. We follow Casey Newton and Frank Walker, a teenager who apparently just got out of jail and an older man the official summary calls ‘a former boy genius.’

We’re not sure why they bothered mentioning that. If you’re a former boy genius, aren’t you just genius now? Was the role meant for someone much younger until they learned that Clooney was interested?

Casey comes into possession of a pin that shows her a strange, futuristic city every time she touches it. Somehow she learns Frank can take her there, but just as they start talking people arrive to take her away. Tomorrowland is apparently some kind of gathering place for earth’s best and brightest minds and people are trying to take capture Casey because it is believed that she can save the future somehow. Frank himself even says that “Every second that ticks by, the future is running out” in the trailer.

All in all, a harmless movie meant to inspire young girls by the looks of it. Frankly, it seems a little toothless. That might be because we’re not the intended audience, but when you look at the trailer you’ll see something strange. “Made by the people behind the Incredibles and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.”

Wow…Uhm…Those are rather different movies. We’re a little worried that this might cause the movie to try to combine really intense action with staying kid friendly, which isn’t the best combination. Kid friendly scenes tend to take you out of the action, after all.

It still looks like an interesting movie, but we think that the Hunger Games movies are still a better bet if you want a young adult movie.

Poltergeist – May 22nd

Here we go, the one you’ll want to show to your mother!

…Okay, fine, fine. We’ll be serious. As horror movies go, Poltergeist has an interesting pedigree. On the one hand, Sam Rami from The Grudge and Evil Dead is working on it. On the other hand, though, so is Gil Kenan from the far less scary Monster House. For those not aware, Monster House is an animated film about a few kids learning that their neighbour’s house is literally a monster. It won’t scare anyone but young children. And Kenan is credited as the director…Great…

In fact, we can’t quite figure out how exactly Rami is involved. There’s more good news though, because Steven Spielberg is credited for the story. Of course, that little moment of joy starts to fade when you hear the line “Built on a cemetery.”

There’s horror clichés and then there’s “<Insert Location here> was built on a cemetery. ”Really, Steven? That’s the best you could come up with? It’s not even the only either, the basic premise is already a cliché and of course we’ve got some little kids acting creepy as well.

Anyway, let’s talk about the plot. In grand horror movie tradition a family moves into a home sold to them by Clearly Not Haunted Corp and things immediately go to hell. The poltergeist haunting the place starts messing with the family for unclear reasons and…Kidnaps the daughter or something? It’s not very clear in the trailer, but the movie will probably explain it. Anyway, specialists are brought in to deal with the situation and, going by the trailer, this is when the poltergeist turns things up to 11.

You can boil horror movies down to two kinds of horror. The first relies on atmosphere and detail to create a feeling of being alone and helpless while something evil means to harm you. The other throws scary things at your face, while hammering hard on a few piano keys and then laughs when it startles you.

Judging by the trailer, it’s not hard to know which one this movie will be. Actually, it seems like a bit much even for movies like that. We see the entire house get wrecked, people are getting tossed around like ragdolls and subtlety is just generally thrown out the window. Rami’s influence is clear in a few scenes, so he clearly did something even if we can’t tell what.

Like many recent horror movies, this one does raise the question of why the horrific creature from hell decides to spend his time screwing with the family instead of doing what it’s supposed to. However, this time we’re a little more forgiving of that, as a poltergeist is described as doing exactly that. It makes more sense than a demon messing with the tv anyway.

All in all this seems like it will be a movie just riddled with clichés. We asked ourselves what we hadn’t really seen before in this trailer and the only thing we could think of was the extent to which the house got messed up. If you prefer slow-building horror, this probably isn’t the movie for you. However, if that’s the case, then you’ve been through a rough few years anyway as far as horror movies go.

The Extra: The Peanuts Movie – November 6th (USA)/December 2015 (Pretty much everywhere else)

Now finally we have the extra we promised. Really it doesn’t tell us much about the Peanuts movie, it’s just kind of a cute reminder that the movie is a thing. Still, it’s nice and the mother’s day theme is sweet.

So, what did you think? Can you get past the incredibly dumb title of Tomorrowland? Did the Peanuts trailer melt your heart? Let us know in the comments below!

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