Fallout 4 Trailer Analysis


Yesterday Bethesda’s teaser website did indeed reveal the trailer for Fallout 4 as many people expected. Of course this is great news and we can’t wait for the game to come out. Hopefully Bethesda will have a lot to tell us once E3 rolls around!

For now, though, we decided to take a good look at the trailer.

Judging by many of the landmarks shown in the trailer, Fallout 4 will indeed be set in post-apocalyptic Boston. This is great, because we could use a change of scenery. The capital wasteland was very nice and desolate, but it also got boring after a while.

In fact the setting appears to be the main focus of this trailer, as we get many long shots of new places we might be able to visit and perhaps even kind of a glimpse at what could well be our new hub area.

For fans of Fallout, this trailer is great because there are staples to the series all over the place. We see mutants, a Mister Handy, people in power armour, Nuka Cola and much more. It’s good to know that, while this will be a new game, it stays true to the things that made the series great.

However, perhaps fitting for a series with the tagline ‘War never changes’, the location is the main new thing we see. There’s not much in the way of new enemies or weapons to see yet and the designs of things like power armour don’t seem that different. That’s not bad, but it does feel like a bit of a missed chance for creativity.

It’s too early to really make any judgements, though. Odds are we’ll see plenty of cool and interesting things in the months to come.

Actually, we’ve seen a few already. The airship shown in the trailer looks really awesome and of course we have a new doggy. Ah, new Dogmeat, the internet loves you already. We hope you’re ready to carry our crap.

It seems like we’re another vault resident, from vault 111 this time around. Interestingly, the character in the jump suit does not appear to just walk out of the vault. He actually seems to be climbing up a little. Was the vault damaged? Is that just the way it was built? We can only wonder for now.

Near the end the trailer shows us what appears to be an abandoned garage, functioning as a player home or workshop from the look of things. There’s energy weapons on the walls, a heavy machinegun under a tarp and some power armour on a stand. However, the armour appears to be incomplete, almost as if it’s being worked on. This might be simply to show that you’ll still need to repair your gear, but it might also indicate that they’ve taken this idea further. Maybe repair and crafting has been massively expanded on.

The trailer’s style is rather interesting, as it keeps switching between pre- and post-apocalypse. This has caused people to wonder if we’ll actually get to see a bit of the pre-apocalypse world this time around.

We don’t think it’s very likely, considering Fallout so heavily relies on the atmosphere of destruction and desolation, but who knows?

What did you think of the trailer? Was it exactly what you were expecting, or was there something you were hoping to see and didn’t? Let us know in the comments below!

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