Dishonored 2 Announcement Trailer


Now this is one of those announcements we’re extremely happy about. It wasn’t entirely surprising as news of it leaked early, but during their first ever E3 briefing, Bethesda announced Dishonored 2. The trailer look great and, much like it did for the original, it gives us a nice look at our powers without making it totally clear how they’ll function in the game itself.

What can we learn from it, though?

Well, let’s talk about the setting. It’s been 15 years since the original Dishonored and the plague has ended a while ago. However, all is not well. Remember Emily Kaldwin? Well, after you rescued her she took her place as empress. Sadly she’s not much better at holding the throne than her mother as, in Dishonored 2, it has been taken from her by an otherworldly usurper.

As either Emily or the protagonist of the first game, Corvo Attano, you’ll travel to Karnaca–a once-dazzling coastal city that holds the key to restoring Emily to power.

Now for those familiar with the first game, this is very interesting. First of all, Emily wasn’t exactly capable of defending herself when we last saw her. Now she appears to be a supernatural threat on par with Corvo.

We actually quite like this. If Emily lost her empire, why shouldn’t she be the one fighting to reclaim it? Of course, Corvo was a silent protagonist and we hope this won’t be the case for Emily, as there seems to be a lot of room to make her an interesting and likeable character.

Emily and Corvo both have their own powers and equipment. But so far we’ve only seen what Emily can do. Whether or not Corvo will have any new powers or toys is something we’ll hopefully see in later trailers.

It does look like Emily shares one of the better ones with him, slowing time. In fact, the trailer even makes it seem like she can stop it entirely. That might be artistic license on the part of the people making the trailer, of course, and perhaps it’s better if it is. That ability did make things a bit easy, at times.

Think of all the fun ways you could mess with people if you can actually stop it entirely, though. One moment a guard’s eating his lunch then, bam, the next moment he’s surrounded by dead bodies, his sandwich has been replaced with his dog’s head and he’s been given a wedgie.

…What? Oh yeah, like you wouldn’t.

We’ve also seen Emily using two movement based abilities. One a sort of supernatural grappling hook that allows her to move not unlike Corvo’s ‘blink’ ability and another that seems to turn her into a sort of fog. Both seem like they’ll be fun to mess around with.

We think we saw one more potential ability too. Remember Corvo’s ability of summoning a large pack of hungry plague rats? Well, while he might still have it, you could easily argue he won’t because it makes less sense here. The plague is over and, even if it wasn’t, we’re in a different location. However, Emily might have gained something not entirely unlike it.

At 0:51 in the trailer, we see big, horrible bugs crawling out of a rotting corpse and following Emily in a large swarm. We might be reaching here, but that really seemed like it might be a reference to Corvo’s ability.

One last thing we wanted to note about the trailer is the technology. Either there was a decade of incredible technological progression in the 15 years between the first game and this one, or Karnaca was always rather more advanced than the rest of the world. In everything from the design of Emily’s crossbow, to the machines and new enemies this is obvious. The original had mainly steampunk technology. We can’t exactly call this cyberpunk yet, but if it’s still steampunk then the design is a bit odd.

It’s not a bad thing, it just kind of jumped out at us. Maybe it was designed by Karnaca’s version of apple and it does basically the same thing, but it just looks better and costs about 5 times more. Who knows?

Either way, we can’t wait for this game. We had a lot of fun using our supernatural powers to screw with the guards in the original Dishonored, so we hope that’s still possible here. What about you? Let us know in the comments below!

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