Official Deadpool Trailer(s)


We were a little confused by the Deadpool trailer…Or trailers, now, we suppose.

It started off very well, with 20th Century Fox posting a trailer for the trailer of Deadpools movie, in which they barely acknowledge the fourth wall before they smash it to bits. Knowing that the actual trailer was coming out the next day, we were quite exited.

However, the official trailer was very much your standard super hero movie trailer. It lacked real fourth wall breaking humour, though we liked the reference to Reynolds’ ill-fated stint as Hal Jordan, and it kinda lacked the gore and violence people expected from it, especially now that they finally agreed on the rating.

Thankfully the trailer ends with Deadpool himself pointing us towards the Red Band Trailer, which you’ll find below,  with all the violence and profanity you could want. Granted, it’s not a huge difference. The trailers are near identical, but the dialogue is different in a few scenes and we even get to see some things we didn’t in the other trailer.

We still feel that they could have fit far more fourth wall jokes into the trailer, but in a way it’s probably good that they didn’t. This way it’s at least clear that the movie will be more than Deadpool slapstick and that there is still a story with a beginning and end involved.

If you’ve seen the leaked test footage from quite a while ago, you might have noticed they reused a few of the scenes and jokes from that for this trailer. We even get to see a brief glimpse of the mutant Colossus (Played by a different actor in this movie than in the X-men movies), but we’ll leave speculation as to what role he’ll play in the plot up to people who are more familiar with the comics.

At any rate, the trailers certainly make it seem like this will be an action-packed movie that will give the character of Deadpool the freedom he needs to be great.

We can’t wait for the movie to hit theaters, how about you? Are you psyched, or are you worried they might sew his mouth shut again at the last minute? Let us know in the comments!

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