5 Main Things We Want To See In Pokémon Sun and Moon (Plus 3 Minor Things)


An update on Pokémon Sun and Moon is, supposedly, only hours away (At time of writing) and we’re quite eager to find out what it will entail. Will it just be another teaser trailer, or are we actually getting some gameplay and new Pokémon this time? Will there be new mechanics?

Pokémon never fails to get us hyped when it comes to new games. That being said, we’ve been loyal fans since then beginning and we’ve watched the games try out new things with each new generation, keeping some changes for future instalments and discarding others as they went along. By now, we know very well what pitfalls these games can encounter and there’s just certain things we hope they’ll avoid with Sun and Moon.

Of course, there’s thing we definitely hope they’ll include too! Both dropped features from older games, such as having Pokémon walk with you, or features that were never included in the first place but are often demanded by the fans.

Hence this list! These are the things we most hope to find in Pokémon Sun and Moon!


Catching ’em all is a lot harder these days, now that there’s around 720 of the little bastards.

  1. A full Generation of Pokémon

This might seem like a no-brainer to some of you, but hear us out. 6th gen’s not that old yet and, frankly, we can’t think of many Pokémon in it that we honestly don’t like. However, let’s keep in mind that when X and Y launched, the generation only had 69 Pokémon in total. It is, by far, the smallest generation to date.

We love X and Y, but this was a little disappointing to us. Therefore, we hope 7th gen will provide us with a larger number of Pokémon to hunt down. Catching ‘em all just isn’t quite as fun when you suddenly realize “Oh, crap, I caught all the new ones already?”


Let’s just say we have enough water types to last us a while.

  • Go easy on the Water Types

In a previous article on these upcoming games, we mentioned how it seems very likely that they will be set in Hawaii. This might well mean the new region includes a lot of water and islands, which will probably also ensure there will be a lot of water type Pokémon available.

If you like water types, that’s great news for you. However, water types are already the most abundant type of Pokémon, as they currently make up around 16% to 17% of the total number of Pokémon.

Let’s hope this new generation does not make the difference even greater.

download (1)

If it can be done in a fan-made game, what excuse do Nintendo and Gamefreak have?

  1. Multiple Save Files

From the very beginning we’ve never been able to have more than one playthrough saved at once, unless you had multiple cartridges. 1 save file per game, that’s the rule…But it’s kind of an archaic rule.

If you ever feel like travelling through the world of Pokémon again with a new starter or some self-imposed rules, you’ll have to delete your old save file first. Granted, with the advent of Pokémon bank, this is not the issue it once was. However, it would still be far more convenient if you didn’t have to ensure your old team was safely stored away before you began you adventure anew.

Multiple save files would solve this issue quite nicely.

download (26)

What sort of hat do you think we’ll get to wear this time?

  1. Story Variation

You are a young trainer, setting out with a starter Pokémon and a Pokédex handed to you by your region’s Pokémon professor. Your goal is to fill the Pokédex, collect all the gym badges and become the Pokémon champion by defeating the Elite 4. Along the way you’ll probably also defeat a team of evil trainers and save the region, somehow.

That’s the basic premise to every single main series Pokémon game since the very beginning. There has been virtually no change in how the games have handled this over the years.

It is high time for a little variation in the storytelling, as fans have been asking for this for years now. We sincerely doubt we will finally get a story in which we can settle down and actually do something as the champion, open our own gym or even join the obligatory evil team, but we can hope, right?

Even if it’s just a slight change in how the story is normally handled, we’ll consider that progress.


Seriously, what the hell, Team Rocket?!

  • Let’s get dark!

Excuse us while we drag you into our nostalgia, but remember the very first games? In particular, do you remember how they handled your rival and team rocket?

That got pretty damned dark at times. Team Rocket was not above assault and implied murder. Hell, there’s an entire section in Gold and Silver about how they’re busy cutting off Slowpoke tails. We’ve seen the antagonists of later games vaguely abusing Pokémon since then, but it was never quite that blatant again.

We honestly kind of miss that.

Later games took a much lighter tone both with the villains and your rival(s). X and Y in particular are almost sickening in how friendly your ‘rivals’ are. This would have been fine if they weren’t so bloody annoying and the game’s message of “Yay for friendship” falls kinda flat because of that.

As people these days are much quicker to complain about content they feel is unsuited or in poor taste, we probably won’t be seeing antagonists with the darker hints of the first games. However, like with the above point of story variation, we can still hope.

At the very least, we’re hoping for a better rival this time around. It’s fine if Nintendo wants us to have a friend for our adventure, but what’s wrong with  a rival who’s just a jerk? If nothing else, it’s good motivation to kick their ass.


Right…Now where did I put you?

  1. Change HMs and the PC system

HM’s are easily the most loathed feature of any Pokémon game. They take up a slot of your moveset, you can’t just get rid of the move later and if you leave the Pokémon with a required move in a box, you have to walk all the way back to the Pokémon centre to retrieve it.

Fans have made numerous suggestions for ways to replace the HMs, such as creating key items to take on the tasks of the HMs or giving a greater number of moves the required field effect, so yo’re not dependent on the HMS.

Frankly, since TMs are now infinitely reusable, why not just treat HMs like TMs? What’s the point of making it impossible to just get rid of an HM move, aside from annoying the player?

The PC system is also in need of an update. Somehow, it’s come to feel a bit outdated, technologically speaking. Sure, we haven’t exactly mastered teleportation yet, but we have mastered mobile internet connections, laptops and tablets.

Why not just give us something portable, like a laptop or tablet, on which we can access the PC storage even while out in the field?

images (6)

Sure, let’s fly right into that! No way this can end badly!

  • Keep Soaring, the Dexnav and Hidden Pokémon…And bring back walking with your Pokémon already!

We really, really hope these features will still be around in some form or another in Pokémon Sun and Moon. Soaring in the sky was pretty much what the move fly was always supposed to be and made travelling around Hoenn in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire much more convenient.

The dexnav quickly became one of our favourite features of OR and AS, as it was a great way to hunt for some of the rarer Pokémon. Similarly, hidden Pokémon were pretty cool too. It was always nice to find a Pokémon in the wild with a hard to obtain move already learned.

We really hope these features aren’t lost with the jump to Sun and Moon. Finally, of course we couldn’t write this list without including one feature that’s been gone for a long time but not forgotten. Having your Pokémon walk behind you as you explore the region.

This was an awesome feature in Heartgold and Soulsiver and, sadly, it was never used again in later games. It’s time for this to come back, people! Let me walk with my fire-breathing dragon, it’s totally safe.


Lady, I’m using a 20 feet tall dragon. I think we’re gonna need a bigger stage.

  1. A better endgame

Yeah, you knew this was coming. Once you beat the Elite 4, there generally isn’t much to do afterwards. X, Y, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire all have somewhat boring endgames, so let’s make sure Sun and Moon don’t!

Things like the World Championship in Black and White 2 or the Battle Frontier from Emerald kept the game interesting even after you became the champion, so we hope to see something like that again.

As mentioned in point 3, we really hope you’ll actually have some important things to do as the new champion or that you’ll be able to open your own gym or something, but we sincerely doubt it’ll happen.

Well, these are the main things we hope to see (or not see) in Pokémon Sun and Moon. Do you agree with us or do you feel there’s something that has to be included which we missed? Let us know in the comments!

We  eagerly look forward to learning more about Sun and Moon. Let’s hope we get some information on the points we raised here in just a few hours!

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