Pokémon Sun and Moon: New Trailer, New Region and New legendaries!


Well, we’ve got a fair bit of information to work through. We got the name of this new region and saw a bit of it, got to know our starters and even met the two showcase legendaries.

Or…Well…We saw the legendaries, we just have no idea what they’re called yet. Either way, after a pretty long silence on the matter, we finally have new material to analyse and overthink!

We didn’t really get confirmation that any of the points we raised in our last article will be in the game, sadly. However, let’s look at what we do know.

  • The new region is named Alola (and it seems the theory that it would be based on Hawaii was right on the money)

This might just be the perspective, but does it seem a little small to anyone else. compared to other regions? If that’s true, and there’s no other islands we’re meant to go to, that’s a little disappointing.

  • For the first time in a Pokémon game we might have a non-white rival
  • The Japanese trailer, which differs from the European/American trailer, showed the option to pick skin colour and slightly different outfits. This might mean customization of your character is back.
download (27)

Whether you can customize your hair and outfit is still not entirely certain, though very likely, but you can select your skin colour again.

  • The games will be released on November 18th for Japan and the US and the 23rd for Europe (Aw, man! Give us one good reason we’re getting this game 5 days later than the rest of the world!)

We also got the names and typing of our starters, so let’s speculate a little on which of these three might be the best choice.

download (28)

You can’t tell us you don’t want to snuggle this thing.

Rowlet (Owlet +…Rough? Rowan? Something plant-related starting with R, anyway)

This little guy is adorable, though kneecapped by the absolutely terrible typing of grass-flying. From the trailer we see that Rowlet’s main party trick is its ability to turn its head 180 degrees and actually look at you while you’re giving it orders.

Furthermore, it showed off a new move named leafage, which is interesting. According to Rowlet’s official page leafage is one of its starting moves. For many grass type starters, the first grass type move they learned was absorb.

The fact that Rowlet apparently doesn’t start with this move and the reference on its official page to it attacking with sharp kicks leads us to assume it’s going to be a physical attacker.

It’s typing means Rowlet will get destroyed by anything with an ice-type attack, but we look forward to seeing what it evolves into.

download (29)

It’s cool that they finally made grumpy cat into a Pokémon.

Litten (Lit + Kitten, we assume)

Litten’s the surly-looking one out of the three. It’s fitting, we suppose, considering it is based on a cat and any cat showing you affection is probably plotting your demise. That being said, it’s still sorta cute.

At any rate, Litten is a pure fire type, though it’s dark colour scheme gives us reason to suspect it’ll evolve into a fire-dark type later on. There’s not much else we can say about it besides that, according to Litten’s official page, it’s fur is rich in highly flammable oil and it…spits flaming hairballs.


Anyway, so far Litten seems like a fairly standard special attacker. We’ll have to see what it’s evolutions bring to the table, but it’s probably the starter we’ll end up going with.

download (30)

Love it or hate it, you can’t deny that Popplio got the best official art.

Popplio (We’re honestly not sure how they got to this name. Lio obviously comes from lion, as in sea lion, and maybe Popp comes from popping bubbles?)

…There always has to be a weird one, huh?

Clearly based on sea lions trained to perform, Popplio is…let’s say unique. Early reactions from people online bear a close resemblance to the way people responded when Chespin was first revealed.

According to its official page, Popplio can…snort out balloons of water from its nose. Okay, what’s up with the gross tricks these starters are showing off? First its hairballs, now it’s basically snot bubbles. Anyway, it’s a little hard to say if Popplio will turn out to be a physical, special or mixed attacker.

Its stated talent for acrobatics could mean it’ll later evolve into a water-fighting or water-flying type but, as it is based on a sea lion, there’s also a good chance it’ll evolve into a water-ice type.

Unless, like Chespin, Popplio winds up with a really cool final evolution, we probably won’t be starting out with it.

We’d talk about the legendaries too but, as we mentioned, their names still haven’t been revealed to us yet. All we can say for now is that one is a majestic sun lion and the other is a…bat/wyvern/sentient Frisbee/moon thing.

download (31)

Seriously, you tell us what that thing on the right is.

We’ve heard people complain that they’re a bit overdesigned and we can sorta see that complaint, but they’re certainly not the worst looking legendaries. At least they’re not more dragons. Or well…The lion isn’t. The bat thing might be part dragon, who knows?

Their inspiration, beyond the animals they’re based on, is currently still a little unclear. That being said, people have speculated they’re influenced by Japanese mythology. Amaterasu (The goddess of the sun) and Tsukuyomi (the moon god), in particular. That certainly seems plausible, given the title of the games, but as of yet it’s impossible to say if this is actually true or not.

All in all, we’re leaning a little towards Pokémon Sun for now, with Litten as our starter choice. Based on early reactions online, we’re not exactly alone in that choice, but who knows what’ll happen?

This month’s Corocoro magazine isn’t out yet and that generally has a lot of information on upcoming Pokémon games, so maybe we’ll learn something that wasn’t in the trailer in the next few days. Either way, so far it seems Sun and Moon are on the right track to become great additions to the series!

How do you guys feel? Happy? Disappointed? Confused about what the Moon legendary is supposed to be? For that matter, what starter do you guys think you’ll go with? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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