Mass Effect Andromeda: 5 Things We Are Glad to See


During EA play yesterday, we got some new information on Mass Effect Andromeda. Though it wasn’t terribly detailed, Andromeda is one of very few games EA talked about that actually holds our interest. Despite its awful ending, the original trilogy is still something we hold very dear, so we can’t wait to explore the universe further.

You’ll find the behind-the-scenes trailer revealed during EA Play above, if you haven’t seen it yet. If you have, let’s talk about some points we really liked.


A new ship and new crew


Does it have that new space ship smell?

While it looks very, very much like the Normandy, it is cool to get our first glimpse of the ship we will be cruising through space in. The only real feature of the ship we see is the fancy moving console, but there is something more important in that scene.


Captain! It appears someone has launched a blue shell! Evasive actions are useless! We recommend trying to take Mario with us.

On the left you’ll see a Krogan (potentially named Drack, according to leaks) crewmate and on the right a Salarian. Whoever made the Tempest and however it differs from the Normandy, clearly it’s not manned by an all-human crew. This makes sense, as your mission is supposedly to find new places for the races of the intergalactic council to settle. We’re certainly not complaining, as the alien races generally have the more interesting characters.

Sadly, at least to us, the trailer also revealed an Asari character (possibly named Cora). We know we’re sort of alone in this, but we can’t stand the Asari. They look weird and they’re easily the most pretentious people in the entire galaxy.


…You know what? Just do it. Just stab her. We’ll say we didn’t see a thing.

Yes, basically any member of the race has a nice rack, we know. Lots of things have boobs, guys, c’mon already.

Possible dynamic dirt?

Showing off what the Frostbite engine could do for the game was no small part of the trailer and, frankly, it looks pretty good so far. The environments look pretty and animation in general seems a bit better and more varied, but what drew our attention in particular were shots of characters with dirt clinging to their armour.


Do you know how hard it is to clean this outfit?

In previous games your characters always came out of massive firefights looking basically none the worse for wear. Seeing characters covered in dirt and grime that adapts to the conditions of where you find yourself would add just that little bit of immersion.

New places, creatures and races

Desert Planet

There’s a slight chance of some turbulence…You know…Just a bit.

OK, so there was basically no information about any new races we might encounter in the Andromeda galaxy, which was a bit of a shame.

However, we did get to seem glimpses of some new planets and at least two new creatures. The glowing thing chewing on someone is probably not going to be friendly, but the flying creature we briefly see on a jungle-like planet might be. Who knows? We just can’t wait to get a closer look.

Flying Creature

It also appears to roughly be the size of a tree…..We really hope its friendly.

Moral choices

The trailer also has a moment where a krogan, whom we’re assuming is the same crew member we saw on the bridge, drops the human he was dangling off a cliff. Naturally this raises the question of whether or not we will see the same system of renegade or paragon interrupts that were made so popular by previous games.


Eh, whoops. Total accident, I swear.

We feel this is very likely, as the feature is almost integral to the series by this point. Mass Effect just wouldn’t be Mass Effect if you couldn’t choose to play it as either Commander Mother Teresa or Commander Baby Strangler the Third. The interrupts were a lot of fun, especially the renegade ones, so we certainly hope to see them again in Andromeda.

The female main character

We couldn’t leave this unmentioned, could we?


Millions of people will be judging you on your likeability so…No pressure, right?

So far Andromeda’s main character had never been shown without a helmet, but we got our first glimpse of her in the trailer. Well, of the female version anyway, since it has been announced that you can choose your main character’s gender as you could in previous game in the series.

Rumors have been circulating for a while now that the main character’s last name would be Rider of Ryder, as a reference to the first American woman in space, Sally Ride. While this has not been officially confirmed, it seems likely as Shepard’s last name was a reference to the first American man in space.

What did you think of the video? Did we miss the best part? Was there something you found really disappointing? Let us know in the comments below!

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