Pokemon Go In App Stores!

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The App is currently available on both the Apple and Android App stores in America. Us Europeans will have to “Please wait a while”, according to the Pokemon Company. That is, sadly, the extent of the information provided about a European release. A launch trailer has been released as well, which you can find in the article below.

As of today, Pokémon Go is available on the Apple App store and Google play store!…In certain regions, that is.

At time of writing, Pokémon Go is only available in Australia and New Zealand and it is unclear when it will be made available to Europe and America. As such, we can’t tell you much about its current functionality. Once it’s up and we’ve had a chance to walk around a bit, we’ll be sure to let you know how it plays.

As it stands there are several problems such as an ‘you already own this product’ error message for android phones, there might be a chance that you accidentally create two accounts and log in to the wrong one, music and sound are sometimes distorted, your gps location may jump around a bit and extended use of the app can cause heavy battery drain.

To their credit, Niantic are aware of these issues and looking for solutions. However, the gps problem might not be something they can fix, as it largely depends on the quality of your connection. They advise setting your gps settings to high accuracy, so if you’re having trouble, try that and hope things improve.

Early response and reactions from beta testers paint a positive picture, though we still have some concerns about coverage in rural areas. It would suck if we can’t find anything but Rattata and reports from people in these areas are mixed. Hopefully we’ll see for ourselves soon enough.

The app itself is free, however, it does feature micro transactions to buy Pokecoins, which can be spent on a variety of items. The prices range from $1,49 to $159,99.

At time of writing it is not clear when the optional accessory, Pokémon Go Plus, will be available. It can currently be preordered  through the Pokémon website. Personally, we won’t be buying it, considering it is priced at $35.

As far as we’re concerned, that is a ridiculous price for something that is both optional and, frankly, only useful if you want to play the game without playing the game.

Have fun to those already playing, hopefully it won’t be long before we can roam the town and putting our team together as well. Don’t forget to look up every now and then, though! Nobody is going to care that you caught an Abra if you got run over 5 seconds later.

Thank you for reading, guys! Happy hunting!

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