Pokémon Sun and Moon Round-Up Part 1: The Pokémon



While the first months after the announcement of Pokémon Sun and Moon were a little devoid of news, it seems Gamefreak and Nintendo have decided to make up for that now by ensuring we’ve got a steady stream of information coming out.

There’s still a lot not clear, but we’ve got a good glimpse at the region and some of the creatures in it, including Tapu Koko, the protector of the island you’ll be starting out on.

Unfortunately other things got in the way at the time and we didn’t cover the news, so we’re doing a bit of a round-up now. How is this going to work? Well, this part will focus on the Pokémon revealed in the past few weeks. Part 2 will focus on (possible) new features we’ve glimpsed in the trailers.

Now let’s first look at the official reveal of Tapu Koko and a number of other new Pokémon. For those of you already fully informed of these, you can skip this part and move on to possible new features below!

Tapu Koko is of course the most important, being the protector of the starting island and probably part of a quartet of protectors. Many people have pointed out how its closed form resembles a tribal mask.


Do you think it gets that mohawk caught on things?

It’s electric/fairy typing is interesting and it’s ability is…Okay…it’s ability is rather disappointing. Electric Surge, as it is called, summons an electric terrain. If you don’t know what that is, imagine a far less useful version of drought or drizzle for electric types.

It’s signature move, Nature’s Madness, is similarly disappointing in that it is much like Super Fang and cuts an enemy’s HP in half.

All in all a Pokémon with an interesting design and typing, but until we see its stats, this is a bit disappointing.

Moving on, remember Grubbin? He might not be the early-game bug-type you find in every Pokémon game, though it might still seem that way. He certainly has a cocoon for a middle stage, namely Charjabug.


While meant to be a battery, a lot of people have mentioned how Charjabug looks like a buss…and now we cannot unsee that.

It then evolves into the awesome-looking Vikavolt.


Vikavolt is a pretty hot contender for coolest bug-type.

However, the Japanese trailer very briefly showed us some levels. In the trailer, Charjabug was at level 28, while Vikavolt was at 41. This might not relate to which level they evolve at, but if it does, then it implies that this family will be far more useful late-game than most bug-types encountered early on.

Next are Drampa (Normal/Dragon), the grandfather dragon who just wants the darn kids to get off his lawn.


…Falcor just couldn’t settle into retirement after the NeverEnding Story, apparently.

And the awful-looking Bruxish (Water/Psychic).


We wonder how this species survived, when our first instinct is to bash its brains in just to make sure it doesn’t breed.

Drampa strikes as a bit dull, despite a fun design and a new ability, Frenzy,  which raises it special attack if it’s health is knocked down to below half.

Nobody is going to claim Bruxish looks good, but it’s ability is very interesting. Dazzling completely prevents priority moves like quick attack or fake out from working. That could really change competitive play, if it’s a decent battler.

Then there’s the really cute ones, starting with Cutiefly (Bug/Fairy).


Look at it. Look at it and tell us you don’t feel just a little bit happier.

And our Pikachu clone of the generation, Togedemaru (Electric/Steel).


We’d hug you but. that would either end in a lot of blood or accidental electrocution.

Both look adorable but, without knowing if they’ll evolve, that’s about all we can say for now.

The Japanese trailer also showed Zygarde’s 100% form in action. Apparently, Zygarde will transform if its HP drops below half and continue the fight in this much stronger form. Its signature move, Core Punisher, looks amazing but we don’t really know if there is an effect to it yet. To get a better idea, watch the trailer below.

Revealed about a week later was Sandalit who is very interesting for a number of reasons. First of all is it’s typing. Sandalit is the very first poison/fire type ever and, despite a 4x weakness to ground-types, it’s still a very interesting offensive type.

More importantly, Sandalit can poison literally any type thanks to its ability, including steel-types and other poison-types, who were completely immune to this previously.


We like Sandalit…but we also sort of fear it. Mainly because it permanently looks like it plans to rape us.

This immediately raises the question “So what about poison spikes?” Poison spikes always were a bit different from other entry hazards like stealth rock or sticky web, as they vanished if you sent your own poison-type into them. If Sandalit can learn this move and it works with the ability, would poison spikes be able to poison other poison-types?

Either way, if it’s a decent Pokémon, it could bring some changes to competitive play. It should be noted that, while it can poison them with moves like Toxic, it is unlikely that Sandalit can completely ignore resistances and actually damage steel-types directly.

Now we get to the Pokémon who haven’t been showcased in a trailer yet outside of Japan. Let’s start with Rockruff and Komala. We’ve known about these two (under their Japanese names) for some time due to Corocoro magazine, but they didn’t appear in a trailer until July 3rd. That trailer was shown during the national Pokémon championships in Hong Kong, but has yet to be put up on the official channels and was mainly a gameplay showcase.


Ignoring everything for blissful sleep? Komala is probably the Pokémon we relate the most to.

Komala is a normal type with a very interesting ability named Comatose. As it is always sleeping, according to its Pokédex entry, this is the only status condition it can be affected by. It cannot be burned, paralyzed or poisoned, only put to sleep. It’s an interesting idea to combat people who rely heavily on status effects.


So can we pet him or would we technically be petting a rock?

Rockruff is, surprisingly, a rock-type with somewhat less interesting abilities but a far more interesting design. While most rock-types look like living boulders or bulky creatures who turned to stone, Rockruff is just a puppy with a fairly sleek design. There’s never been a rock-type quite like it and it makes the little guy something of a breath of fresh air.

Finally we get to the last two, revealed in the latest edition of Corocoro magazine, Kiteruguma and Mimikkyu. These names are likely to change for the western version of the games, but for now this is what they’re called.

Both look…weird, but at least Mimikkyu looks the cute sort of weird rather than Kiteruguma’s ‘the artist was drunk off their ass’ sort of weird.


This does not look like an actual creature. This looks like a pedophile dressed up as a bear for some reason.

Kiteruguma is a normal fighting type with some interesting lore behind it. Apparently people are afraid of this thing, not because of the fact that it looks like it was made on a dare, but because it tends to hug people and accidentally snaps them in half. It’s ability is supposedly called fluffy, but we currently have no idea what it actually does.


Mimikkyu’s existence is going to be a real blow to all the kids hiding behind sheets specifically to keep away from ghosts.

Mimikkyu is a ghost/fairy type and clearly based on the idea of putting a sheet over your head to pretend to be a ghost.  Many people wonder if it’ll take on different forms based on Pokémon its faced with due to its name sounding a lot like ‘mimic’ and the fact that, while now translated as ‘False Colours’, its ability was originally translated as ‘disguise’. Whatever it’s called, we sadly don’t have any information on the ability yet.

And that’s all of them. Which of these will make the cut for your team? Be sure to let us know in the comments and keep an eye out for part 2 of our round-up!

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