Pokémon Sun and Moon Round-Up Part 2:(Possible) New Features


Welcome to part 2 of our Pokémon round-up! If you’re looking for part 1, in which we discuss the new Pokémon that have been revealed, you can find it by clicking here.

In this article we’ll be talking about some features Sun and Moon will likely be bringing us. Or at least we want to, but a number of the features we’ve seen in trailers so far, we’ve only seen briefly and those have generally been purposely kept unclear. Therefore, while we can be sure about certain things, there will be some speculation as well. We’ve already talked about things like the new battle royal mode and the Rotom Pokédex, so we’ll be going over more recent trailers here.

Let’s start off with the ability to ride Pokémon. In the trailer above we see the player character surfing on Pokémon like Lapras and Sharpedo. This feature was introduced in X and Y with Lapras and later expanded upon by including Wailord and Sharpedo in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire and we’re glad to see it come back here.

It’s a nice novelty for surfing and during our journeys in Hoenn we trained a Sharpedo specifically because of its superior surfing speed. However, this gets a bit more interesting. We’ve also seen the player character riding a Stoutland and Tauros.

Is this reason to get excited? Maybe. This was another feature introduced in X and Y, but in those games it was limited to certain areas only and you generally couldn’t go very far. It was mainly used as an interesting way for the player to get through areas that were very rocky or completely snowed in. Because of that, we weren’t very excited when we saw the area the trainer is passing through on Stoutland. Considering the cliffs on either side, we figured the same logic might apply there.


Of all the Pokémon to ride. Stoutland was never one we really considered.

However, the trip on Tauros seems very different. In this case, the trainer actually appears to be travelling down a normal route. This might show that the trainer can traverse more of the region by riding Pokémon, but we admit that it’s not very likely. At least in part because the Tauros seems to be moving very fast and that makes it seem like it would be tough to control.


The phrase ‘Bull in a China shop’ comes to mind. Well, that and ‘Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!’

The odds are that it’s simply a method to quickly travel down the route, without having to battle trainers or wild Pokémon, but we can hope.

Then there’s this odd moment in which Pikachu appears to use some sort of electric beam. We’re not certain what’s going on here. Is it just a new animation for an attack? If so, why showcase it? If not, what the hell is it? As it’s a moment from a Japanese trailer that hasn’t seen an English version yet, we sadly have little to work with and searching for answers only turned up people as confused as we were.


Maybe Pikachu learned the Kamehameha? Who knows by this point?

One thing it might be, though, is shown a bit more clearly near the end of the trailer. The player character’s bracelet glows, they perform a strange dance and energy travels from them into Rowlet, Litten and Popplio while a symbol of their respective elements appears. Perhaps what’s happening to Pikachu is the same thing.

Litten fire thing

We’re not terribly familiar with Hawaiian culture. Is this just what happens when you dance near your pets?

The final feature we noticed in the official Japanese trailer looks to be an updated version of Pokémon-amie. It had a similar background, but showed a Pikachu being treated with a blow dryer. Perhaps this is a new way to improve your bond in Pokémon-amie instead of the mini games. We’d be very happy if it was, because the games got boring after about 5 minutes. Let’s hope this will be more interesting, if we’re correct.

Pikachu Blow

Well…Interesting might be an overstatement.

That’s about all we could discern from the trailers so far, but if you feel there’s something important we left out, be sure to let us know in the comments!

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