Carmilla Season 3 Trailer!


Yesterday the trailer for the third season of the web series Carmilla was released and we can’t wait for things to kick off!

If you haven’t watched or heard of Carmilla, we’ll briefly educate you. Carmilla is a web series from KindaTV. (Very) loosely based on Sherridan le Fanu’s novel of the same name and set in Styria, Austria, the show is presented as a series of vlogs. It tells the story of Laura Hollis (Elise Bauman), her friends, and Carmilla Karnstein (Natasha Negovanlis) as they try to survive studying at Silas Academy.

This is a fair bit harder than it sounds as the academy often has to deal with harpies, giant mushrooms with zombifying spores and the occasional elder god. The story starts when Laura’s roommate goes missing and, instead of alerting the authorities, the academy simply replaces her with Carmilla.

As a journalist-to-be, Laura can’t let this story rest and sets out to find her roommate, only to find that the whole thing is much bigger than she could have imagined. One missing girl soon becomes many and Laura only gets in more over her head when she finds out her broody new roommate is a vampire.

We honestly don’t remember how we originally came across Carmilla, as we were a bit late to the party and binge-watched seasons 1 and 2 in a single sitting, but we would wholeheartedly recommend it to just about anyone.

Carmilla is very well written and manages to be very funny, while not shying away from darker moments or character development. The relationship between Laura and Carmilla is handled very well and shows them both at their best and worst. Any story involving a romantic relationship with a vampire is, due to the nature of vampires, rather tricky. That being said, it’s done well here.

The fact that Carmilla has left her share of bodies in her wake and is hardly apologetic about that isn’t glossed over. In fact it contributes to their breakup. Does it run into some of the clichés of this sort of romance? Occasionally, but often and there’s enough good about the show to forgive that.

It’s also one of very few shows that features non binary characters as prominently as it does, so that’s all the more reason to watch if you’re part of that community.

Let’s talk about the trailer, though. A teaser trailer was released a few days prior which gave us a glimpse and introduced us to Papa Hollis (Enrico Colantoni), but this trailer show us a bit more of the news sets and what the characters will be dealing with.

Clearly we will be seeing a reconciliation between Laura and Carmilla, which is surprising to no one but still nice. The romance has been the biggest thing keeping people invested, so it cannot go unresolved in this last season.

We’ve also got confirmation that the dean is indeed trying to open the gates to hell, though we don’t know why. What we do know is that nothing is ever straightforward with her, so who knows what her ultimate goal is?

The season is set to start September 15th, so only 2 more weeks before things kick off again!

On their Twitter, KindaTV also released a more detailed release schedule, which tells us that the coming week will have plenty of Carmilla-related content before the first episode goes live.

There is so much from season 2 that needs to be resolved, so we are eagerly awaiting that first episode. How about you guys? Do you think we’ll get our happy ending or will love have its sacrifices in the end? Let us know in the comments below!

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