Nintendo Switch Revealed!

Well, we’ve had some time to cool down and look at things more objectively since the announcement of Nintendo’s new console, the Nintendo Switch! The question of course is, does it seem like it’ll be any good? After the somewhat disappointing Wii U, Nintendo does have a few things to prove.

First things first, the trailer is a pretty good one. People have pointed out a few of the stranger scenarios, like taking a game console to a rooftop party or basketball court, but it does showcase the console and its main party tricks very well. More importantly, it has an energetic vibe that makes using the Switch seem fun.

As expected, the Switch is something of a hybrid between a home console and a portable system. With Wii U sales not really blowing anyone’s mind and portable systems losing ground to mobile gaming, combining the markets seems like a solid idea.

The system has a dock which connects to the TV if you want to play at home and a portable screen resting in that dock which you can take with you to play on the road.

With the tablet-like design of this screen, it’s clear that some inspiration was taken from the Wii U controller, but it’s not a straight copy. Nintendo has been very clear that it will not be used as a second screen, like the Wii U controller.

What’s also new is that you can attach remote-like controllers to the sides of the screen, which makes for a pretty portable package. And yes, controllers. Plural. This might be a sign that you can play with two people without having to buy additional controllers once you’ve bought the console, which would be very cool.

What’s also great to see is that, while the remote-like controllers are easy to take with you, Nintendo has finally also grasped that there was never anything wrong with the design of a standard controller. The trailer mainly shows this being used in the ‘at home’ setting.

Obviously, the Switch still won’t be a graphical powerhouse, compared to competing consoles. For better and for worse, Nintendo still believes that people simply don’t care that much about graphics at the end of the day. You could debate that point until you’re blue in the face, but it would hardly be a meaningful discussion.

Even if you disagree with them, you at least gotta give them credit for sticking to their guns and choosing new ways to play over some slightly better rendered dirt textures.

The trailer showcases some of the standard Nintendo games like Mario cart and Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild running on the console and, surprisingly, even Skyrim. Granted, Bethesda has stated they won’t be confirming specific titles for the console right now, but the game was featured heavily in the trailer so it’s probably a safe bet.

While we like the concept, the trailer has left us with some questions. The biggest one being: How big is this screen, really?

This is a pretty big deal, considering the emphasis on the portable nature of the console. Make it too big and it’d be a hassle to transport and make it too small and it would be annoying to game on.

We’ve got a few smaller concerns too.

For example, how stable is it going to be with that flimsy-looking stand? What’s the battery life like? How well attached are the controllers? Is there a way to protect the screen while travelling? If that breaks, you’re kinda boned.

Sadly, Nintendo has announced that we won’t be getting much more information on the Switch this year, but hopefully at least a few of these questions will be answered.

What do you guys think of the Switch? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to subscribe for more news!

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