Pokémon Sun and Moon Round-up 1: Evolutions and Trial Captains!


Welcome to part 1 of our round-up! In this part we’ll be addressing the older trailer and the Pokémon we’ve yet to go over. Part 2 will deal with the demo and Part 3 will deal with the latest trailer, so click on those if you’re interested.

To be perfectly clear, we will not be addressing ‘the leak!’ For those of you wondering what that is: How’s life under that rock?

Shortly after the demo came out, data miners got to work. While most information could not be accessed, they did find what appears to be the entire Alolan Pokédex with images of the Pokémon.

We have only seen glimpses of this and refuse to look at the whole thing, as we don’t want it spoiled entirely before the games come out. We want some mystery to be left, you know?

Anyway, let’s look at the new Pokémon!

This trailer was pretty evolution-filled. It introduced the evolved forms of both Jangmo-o and Bounsweet.

Jangmo-o first evolves into Hakamo-o and, as expected, gains the Fighting type to become a Dragon/Fighting type.


It does look pretty scrappy.

As we were expecting it to gain the Fighting type, we’re not really surprised to see it stand up and it’s design is fine for a middle-stage Pokémon. Finally, it evolves into Kommo-o and keeps the same typing.


Regal, yet faintly goofy.

Kommo-o’s design looks great and it seems set to be a tanky physical attacker with good special defence, but we’ll have to wait to see its stats to know if we’re right there. Furthermore, it apparently learn Sky Uppercut and a move called Clanging Scales.

This moves does damages and lowers its own defence, but it seems like a special attack, which would be odd for a seemingly physical attacker like this.

Both evolutions keep Jangmo-o’s ability of Bulletproof or Soundproof.

Bounsweet keeps its pure grass typing throughout its evolutions and first evolves into Steenee. This cutie keeps the ability of Leaf Guard or Oblivious and…that’s sort of all there is to say about it.


If all fruit looked this happy, vegetarians would not be a thing.

Steenee later evolves into the much more interesting Tsareena, which gains a unique attack and ability. Its attack, Trop Kick, deals damage and lowers the opponent’s attack. It’s currently unclear if this means Tsareena will be a physical attacker, but it’s description does seem to indicate that.


Ever been kicked by a berry?

It keeps Leaf Guard, but loses Oblivious in favour of a unique ability called Queenly Majesty. This is much like Bruxish’s ability Dazzling and blocks priority moves, but as Tsareena is a fully evolved Pokémon, it might be more viable in competitive play.

Bounsweet wasn’t the only cute thing to evolve, though. Cutiefly also got an evolution in the form of Ribombee. It keeps both its Bug/Fairy typing and the ability Honey Gather or Shield Dust.


Weaponized cuteness

It hasn’t gotten any less adorable in its evolved form, but the lack of more useful abilities holds it back and means it probably won’t be very good to have on your team.

The next one is a familiar face, sort of: Alolan Grimer and Muk.

We were honestly a bit disappointed with Alolan Grimer when it was revealed in CoroCoro, but we must admit we’re not sure how original you can get when adapting what’s basically a pile of sludge.


Yup, still looks gross.

Alolan Muk, on the other hand, is kind of awesome. The effect of its constantly shifting colours is very cool and not something we’ve seen with any other Pokémon before. Muk was always a Pokémon we could take or leave, but this new form looks pretty good.


Alolan Muk is what’s created when your layered cake goes bad.

Both Grimer and Muk’s Alolan forms are Poison/Dark types, which is a pretty solid typing. Poison Touch is not a terrible ability either, though Gluttony is completely useless. Judging by the trailer, Grimer and Muk seem to learn Poison Fang and Crunch.

Of course the big news in this trailer concerns Type: Null. Many people expected it to get a mega evolution, but it seems we’ll actually just get a regular one. Type: Null evolves into Silvally…and it barely qualifies as an actual evolution.

Its official description states that it evolves when Type: Null breaks the device on his head and…it seems inspiration for the design ran out shortly after that idea came up. It really just is Type: Null without the helmet. While we’ve warmed to Type: Null’s design a bit since we first saw it, we can’t help but feel that this is a bit disappointing. There was a lot of potential for a really cool and unique evolution here.


Silvally’s potential role in the plot is a lot more interesting than it’s design.

In theory, Silvally keeps its Normal typing, but it’s got a special ability. RKS System works a lot like Arceus’ Multitype ability in that it determines the Pokémon’s typing based on its held item. With one item for each type, Silvally can potentially be any type you feel like making it. It has an attack that takes advantage of this too named Multi-attack, which does grass type damage if Silvally is holding a grass type item, fire damage for a fire type item, etc etc.

We were also introduced to some new trainers.

First is Llima, the trial captain specializing in Normal-type Pokémon.


Male, female, we have no idea. You decide.

Since the trailer we’ve learned that their trial will involve finding and battling Alolan Rattata in Pokémon Moon and presumably Yungoos in Pokémon Sun, before battling a Totem Alolan Raticate or Totem Alolan Gumshoos.

Frankly, we’re still not excited about the trials and learning more about them has not changed this. We still believe that, while we needed a change from gym battles, this change still should have involved battling a challenging trainer.

Granted, we were also introduced to the Kahuna of Akala island, Olivia, whom you can actually battle. She specializes in Rock-type Pokémon and has, among others, a Nosepass on her team.


Hopefully the Kahunas will provide the challenge that the Trial Captains seemingly won’t, but with only 3 Pokémon, that seems unlikely.

What did you think of this evolution-filled trailer? Did one of these surprise you? Let us know in the comments below!



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