Pokémon Sun and Moon Pirates Banned



Well, we did mention that Nintendo was out for blood.

Reports are coming in from a number of people who pirated Pokémon Sun and Moon and they’re not good. While they’ve been able to play the games well in advance of release for a while, but their fun was ended with a single error message.


Few sights inspire such an immediate sense of “Aw, fuck.”

That might not seem that bad, but…it’s got some far-reaching consequences. Not only can these people no longer play online, they also can’t access the eShop and re-download the digital copies of games they technically own.

Long story short, if you own a digital copy, but temporarily removed it to make room for something else, that game is gone. You are not getting that back.

It’s unclear just how screwed these people are. It is possible that this also means that, if they use the same account for a WiiU, it will lock them out of online services there as well. It could even affect them if they buy a Nintendo Switch and unwisely try to use the same account.

Some people have speculated that the ban will only be in place for two weeks, but we are not certain what they’re basing that on and no official confirmation of that notion has been given. In fact, it seems the ban is pretty permanent. In a response to Polygon.com, Nintendo certainly didn’t make it sound temporary.

“As a result of a number of Nintendo 3DS users using unauthorized versions of several games, and connecting to the official game servers in violation of our terms of service, these users’ Nintendo 3DS systems that stored the unauthorized game code have been banned from Nintendo’s online network effective immediately,”

Of course, it’s basically impossible to feel bad for the people hit by this ban. If you absolutely have to pirate a game like this, fine. However, if you then decide to try out the online features well ahead of the launch date…

Well, that is some next level idiocy you’re displaying there. Did you seriously think they just weren’t paying attention to their servers? The only way you could have broadcast the fact that you had an illegal copy more was to play it in the lobby of their head office.

The reaction from the banned pirates has ranged from grudging acceptance of the fact that their gamble failed this time, to hilarious levels of outrage.

The funniest ones are easily the pirates trying to make Nintendo the bad guy in this particular situation.

Some claim they’re being punished because of Nintendo’s incompetence. A statement that is pretty hilarious when you consider that they’ve now blocked a good majority of the pirates from their services. Let’s just say we’ve seen less effective solutions.

Sure, it took a few days, but if you’re going to drop a bomb you might as well do it on the biggest target.

Others are shouting about how they will never buy anything from Nintendo ever again. That statement rings rather hollow coming from a pirate. Clearly, you weren’t particularly inclined towards buying the game in the first place.


Trying…trying…Nope, still don’t feel sorry for you. Your tears taste like joy.

We invite you all to come laugh at the pirates with us.

You guys ready to start your adventure? Can any of you find it in you to feel bad for the pirates? Let us know in the comments below!

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