Pokémon Sun and Moon: New Trailer, New Region and New legendaries!


Well, we’ve got a fair bit of information to work through. We got the name of this new region and saw a bit of it, got to know our starters and even met the two showcase legendaries.

Or…Well…We saw the legendaries, we just have no idea what they’re called yet. Either way, after a pretty long silence on the matter, we finally have new material to analyse and overthink!


Dishonored 2 Announcement Trailer


Now this is one of those announcements we’re extremely happy about. It wasn’t entirely surprising as news of it leaked early, but during their first ever E3 briefing, Bethesda announced Dishonored 2. The trailer look great and, much like it did for the original, it gives us a nice look at our powers without making it totally clear how they’ll function in the game itself.

What can we learn from it, though?


Smash Bros: Roy and Ryu!



Oh god, look…There’s no way we’re gonna keep up. So much mews is being thrown at us that we barely have time to digest it before the next article, announcement or live stream comes out. It doesn’t help that, being Dutch, some streams are at incredibly shitty times for us.

Take Ubisoft’s upcoming stream at 3pm PT. That’s midnight for us. Let’s not even talk about Sony. We’re not writing entire articles at 3 in the morning.

That beings said, of course we’ll still cover what we can. On that note, let’s look at some of the older news which you might not have seen, because it got buried beneath everything else.

Super Smash Bros for the Nintendo 3DS and WiiU will be getting two more DLC characters. One is an old favourite, while the other is all new. Sadly, this also means that one is vastly more interesting than the other.

Let’s start with the older, less interesting one. Roy, from Fire Emblem is being brought back. His moveset is basically unchanged from Super Smash Bros Melee and, like other Fire Emblem characters before him, his final smash is a critical hit that can send your enemies flying.

The best thing about Roy being brought back is his new, updated design. He looks absolutely great and this is probably the first time we’ve actually been tempted to buy an amiibo. However, when we look at the gameplay, we have to conclude Roy is basically once again nothing more than a cloned swordsman.


Sure, his sword does more damage at the base, etc etc. Look, we play Smash Bros with our friends. We get right up in each other’s faces pretty much regardless of who we’re playing. That’s not much of a difference to us. The fact that he’s basically a clone, once again, is a little boring.

Still, we liked Roy in melee, so we’re happy to see our old buddy again.

We’re much more excited about the new guy, Ryu, though.

His character has been entirely designed to resemble his Street Fighter 2 incarnation. This is evident in his design, of course, but also his gameplay mechanics. Ryu is very unique for a Smash Bros character. To make up for the lower number of attack buttons in Smash Bros, you can determine the strength of Ryu’s attacks by holding the button down. Tap for light attacks, hold briefly for medium and hold longer for heavy attacks.

Of course he has his moves from Street Fighter as special moves, but that’s not the only reference to the series in his fighting style. Even with normal attacks you can chain together the same combos you could in Street Fighter, as well as some new ones.

Speaking of combos, we hope you spent a lot of time as a kid memorizing Street Fighter 2 move combos, because it could pay off here. For Ryu’s signature moves, like the Hadouken and Shoryuken, you can just use their standard input. However, if you enter the command from Street Fighter 2, you’ll get more powerful versions. The Shoryuken might even be an instant KO.

Another first for Smash Bros is that Ryu has two final smashes. If you perform it normally, he uses the Shinku Hadouken, which can hit multiple enemies including surrounding opponents not directly in it’s path, for a good deal of damage. If you want to get personal, though, use it right next to an opponent and Ryu will beat the crap out of them with the Shin Shoryuken, which has incredible launching power.

That’s not even the last of the firsts surrounding Ryu. He comes with a number of theme songs, one of which actually changes if you’re playing a timed match and time is about to run out.

Ryu really seems like he’ll be a tricky character to master, but also a very powerful one for those who can. Those combos look like something we’d want to avoid at all costs, at least.

Nintendo is also realising a new paid stage, Suzaku Castle and they’ve also assured us more good things are coming.

For example, Dreamland from the original Smash Bros will be among the upcoming DLC stages, a new elimination style of tournament mode is coming in August and, eventually, all 51 characters will have their own amiibo!

We can’t wait to try Ken out. What about you? Are you gonna try to remember the commands from Street Fighter, or will you be sticking with the tried and true swordsman? Let us know in the comments!

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Arguing with Anita

download (29)

If you’re anything like us, odds are you knew next to nothing about Anita Sarkeesian before the whole shit storm around her started. We’d seen one or two videos, but that was about it. And then Gamergate happened.

That was, to put it mildly, a complete clusterfuck of intolerance, stupidity and just all around terrible behaviour in which no side is without blame. As such, we will not be bringing it up again. If you missed the whole thing and want to find out what it’s about, feel free to google it.


Elfia Fantasy Fair


Yup, we decided to look at a beautiful celebration of nerdiness and went to the Elfia Fantasy Fair! For those who don’t know, Elfia was known as the Elf Fantasy Fair up until 2013 and has been around for about 15 years now. This yearly event is generally held at de Haar castle in Haarzuilens, Utrecht, though it has seen different venues over the years.

The whole festival is a wonderful celebration of anything fantasy-related where you can meet other people, attend lectures and take part in dozens of fun events and games. This year Elfia’s theme was Game of Thrones and, which was very lucky for us as we managed to get free press tickets since Chris is currently working as an HBO intern. Thank you, HBO!


Fanbot of Thrones – Game of Thrones “Wars to Come” Podcast

Today marks the debut of the premier episode of ‘Fanbot of Thrones’. A weekly podcast on everything Game of Thrones, in this episode we take a look at the very first episode of the long-awaited fifth season of Game of Thrones. With an elaborate analysis of the plot, potential developments and our thoughts, this podcast should give fans of the series a good inside look into the workings of the show and the books. Beware of spoilers, however.


A Week of Thrones – Fan Art

When we started Fan Art Friday, we intended to make it a bi-weekly thing. Now though, with the next season of Game of Thrones so close, we just had to take some time to show you this beautiful art made by the fans.


A Week of Thrones – New Challengers

The Lannisters’ grip on the throne is loosening, Daenerys’ political affluence is fading and tempers on the Wall are blazing so vehemently they might cause the whole thing to melt. Amidst this flurry of continuous conflict, where kings are boys and witches are Dutch, comes a new delegation of characters to further upset the balance. In this third feature in our ‘Week of Thrones’, we take a look at this group of would be participants in the Game of Thrones. Who will win, and who will die? Read on, if you dare. (Major spoilers for seasons 1 – 4, minor spoilers for season 5.)


Fan Friday – Beautiful Fan Art

What is Fan Friday? Well, the clue’s in the name. We take the opportunity to look at some of the amazing things fans have made or done for their interests and share some of the ones we liked best with you. Pictures, digital art, videos, we’ll talk about them all!

This time, though, we will be focussing on art and we’ve found 5 beautiful pictures we wanted you to see.