Star Wars: Rogue One


Whether it’s in spite of the sense of predestined doom that hangs around all of the main characters or because of it, Star Wars: Rogue One is a very good movie.

We’ll admit we had our doubts going in. Retroactively messing with the continuity of a series like this is often not a good idea, after all. However, we were pleasantly surprised.

Be warned, this review will contain some spoilers!


Ocean’s 8 Cast Revealed


While scrolling through upcoming movies, we found some interesting news on one in particular, Ocean’s Eight (Or Ocean’s Ocho, as it may be called). This heist thriller spin-off of the original Ocean’s trilogy has been drifting around for a while now, but yesterday a large part of the cast was announced.


A Guide to Proper Villainy


So you want to be evil? Well, we honestly can’t blame you, but are you qualified? When you were a child, did you ever knock over the block tower you’d just built, just to watch it crumble? When you see someone standing precariously close to the edge of the stairs, is there this little voice in your head telling you to push them?

When you see a baby, do you find yourself wondering if he really, truly, needs that candy? If so, you have two options!

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The answer is always, always “No, he doesn’t.”

  1. Get help. Seriously, find a good shrink and urge him to lock you in a padded room until you no longer feel the urge to watch your fellow man weep at your feet.
  2. Sign up for our quick and easy guide to proper villainy. For just a small monthly payment we here at Mephistopheles and Co will keep you updated on how to do the wrong thing, the right way.


Star Wars: The Force Awakens Review

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Star Wars, even people who have never seen the movies could probably tell you the basic plot by this point. It is both a truly beloved cinematic series to hundreds of thousands of people and a great example of just how quickly you can ruin something like that.

If Hollywood learned anything from that, it’s “Don’t give directors exclusive merchandizing and sequel rights.”

Despite the fact that George Lucas was in no way affiliated with this seventh film, people were still a bit worried. Would we get something like the original trilogy, or would it be more of the same nonsense from the prequels?

Thankfully this one leans closer to the original three and it turned out quite good.


Official Deadpool Trailer(s)


We were a little confused by the Deadpool trailer…Or trailers, now, we suppose.

It started off very well, with 20th Century Fox posting a trailer for the trailer of Deadpools movie, in which they barely acknowledge the fourth wall before they smash it to bits. Knowing that the actual trailer was coming out the next day, we were quite exited.


The Problem with Video Game Movies 2 – Electric Boogaloo

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As we’ve mentioned before here on the Fanbot, video game movies might seem like a good idea, but generally are not. The game you plan to adapt probably already has a massive fan following and you’ve got a very clear example of the general style and character likeness you can work towards.

Despite this, though, video game movies have a history of…Well…Let’s call it a history of not being very good and leave it at that, because otherwise this article would just be twelve paragraphs of profanity and the occasional movie title.

As mentioned last time, generally the fact that these movies suck is because the people making them have no real understanding of the franchise or the fan base behind it. What doesn’t help is that they keep choosing franchises that are either obviously unsuited for a movie adaption or that just don’t deserve it because the story is poor at best. The last article on this matter dealt with the upcoming Uncharted movie (Click here to read that), so what drew our attention this time?

The Assassins Creed movie.


It Follows Review

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You ever get the feeling that you’re totally alone and unprotected? Struggling against something you cannot begin to understand, that appears to show up everywhere? Have you ever felt like you were the only one who could see the truth, while everyone else simply went on with their lives and ignored the abomination in their midst?

Good. Then you know how we felt when we saw all the positive reviews after we finished watching It Follows.


Arguing with Anita

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If you’re anything like us, odds are you knew next to nothing about Anita Sarkeesian before the whole shit storm around her started. We’d seen one or two videos, but that was about it. And then Gamergate happened.

That was, to put it mildly, a complete clusterfuck of intolerance, stupidity and just all around terrible behaviour in which no side is without blame. As such, we will not be bringing it up again. If you missed the whole thing and want to find out what it’s about, feel free to google it.


3 Interesting Upcoming Movies (Plus 1 Extra)


We’ve talked about upcoming books a bit and of course we’ve paid attention to the big upcoming movies, but there’s plenty of others we haven’t talked about yet. So we figured we’d look at some interesting fantasy movies that’ll be out soon.

Just in case any of you forgot mother’s day yesterday, we’ve included an extra one you might want to show them.


Last Mad Max: Fury Road Trailer!

In only 2 weeks Mad Max Fury road will hit cinemas and we can’t wait. Last Tuesday the final trailer was revealed. Much like the previous one it looks absolutely great, but it doesn’t really show us a lot of new things.

We get a bit of a closer look at some of the characters and there’s a bit more dialogue, but most other things the trailer shows we’ve already seen.