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RWBY Volume 4 – Ep 1 Review



It’s been up on Rooster teeth for around a week at time of writing but RWBY has only been back for a few days for us with season 4!


Carmilla Season 3 Trailer!


Yesterday the trailer for the third season of the web series Carmilla was released and we can’t wait for things to kick off!


Inside the Game of Thrones – Three to go: Hardhome

After seven relatively quiet weeks the fifth season of Game of Thrones finally picked up steam with the first two of its final three episodes: “Hardhome” and a “Dance of Dragons”. The anticipation surrounding what had come to be known as the turning point of each Game of Thrones season, the ninth episode, had cooled somewhat following the unexpectedly bombastic eighth entry. Whereas the books kept the events at Hardhome neatly tucked away at the edge of the world, with no Point-Of-View characters to bear witness to it, the series decided to unleash the wrath of the White Walker army and its Night King in earnest. The ninth episode took an even more daring sidestep away from the books, resulting in another stomach-twisting, tear-jerking moment that will have fans talking for weeks to come. Without further ado, let’s get to it.

In de Game of Thrones – Drie te gaan: Hardhome

Na zeven relatief rustige weken pakte het vijfde seizoen dik uit voor haar achtste aflevering, namelijk “Hardhome” en de negende aflevering: “Dance of Dragons.” The torenhoge verwachtingen die de negende aflevering normaliter omringen, denk maar eens terug aan de Red Wedding en het noodlot van Eddard Stark, zijn dit jaar wellicht iets minder hooggespannen gezien de knal die de achtste aflevering maakte. Waar de boeken de gebeurtenissen in Hardhome voornamelijk buiten het bereik van de lezer hield, gooide de serie Jon Snow en wij met hem vol in de actie. De Night King en zijn White Walker leger maakte hun waarachtige terugkeer op schokkende wijs bekend, en de negende aflevering liet nog maar eens zien dat Game of Thrones geen grenzen kent als het op sterfgevallen aankomt. Lees snel verder.

Otaku Thursday – Dragon Ball Super

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It’s been a good few years for Dragonball (Z), for some reason. There was the ‘Battle of Gods’ movie in 2013, now there’s Revival of F of course and we’re even getting a new anime named Dragon Ball Super.

That’s not even all though, because just yesterday it was announced that the upcoming anime will also get a manga adaption to go with it! We’re not sure why everyone felt like making major Dragon Ball projects again, but we’re certainly not complaining.

What do we really know about the upcoming anime and manga, though?


Otaku Thursday – Attack on Titan



It’s never immediately clear if a new manga will make it or not. So many never get their breakthrough and even when they do it’s not always easy to point at one thing that caused it. Of course there’s always a few like Attack on Titan, where popularity snowballs so quickly and it gains such wide international reach that you can barely surf the web for more than 5 minutes without running into an Attack on Titan meme.

Why, though? While it has an intriguing story, Attack on Titan is hardly the first manga/anime with this formula. Let’s take a look, shall we?


Game of Thrones Season 5 Episodes Leaked!

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As you’ve undoubtedly heard by now, the first 4 episodes of Game of Thrones’ fifth season have been leaked. Of course it’s safe to say the people from HBO are far from happy, though it’s nothing new. Game of Thrones has been the most pirated show for quite a while now.

How did this happen, though? What does it mean for HBO and for us here at the Fanbot?


Fanbot of Thrones – Game of Thrones “Wars to Come” Podcast

Today marks the debut of the premier episode of ‘Fanbot of Thrones’. A weekly podcast on everything Game of Thrones, in this episode we take a look at the very first episode of the long-awaited fifth season of Game of Thrones. With an elaborate analysis of the plot, potential developments and our thoughts, this podcast should give fans of the series a good inside look into the workings of the show and the books. Beware of spoilers, however.


A Week of Thrones – Fan Art

When we started Fan Art Friday, we intended to make it a bi-weekly thing. Now though, with the next season of Game of Thrones so close, we just had to take some time to show you this beautiful art made by the fans.


A Week of Thrones – New Challengers

The Lannisters’ grip on the throne is loosening, Daenerys’ political affluence is fading and tempers on the Wall are blazing so vehemently they might cause the whole thing to melt. Amidst this flurry of continuous conflict, where kings are boys and witches are Dutch, comes a new delegation of characters to further upset the balance. In this third feature in our ‘Week of Thrones’, we take a look at this group of would be participants in the Game of Thrones. Who will win, and who will die? Read on, if you dare. (Major spoilers for seasons 1 – 4, minor spoilers for season 5.)