The Problem with Video Game Movies 2 – Electric Boogaloo

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As we’ve mentioned before here on the Fanbot, video game movies might seem like a good idea, but generally are not. The game you plan to adapt probably already has a massive fan following and you’ve got a very clear example of the general style and character likeness you can work towards.

Despite this, though, video game movies have a history of…Well…Let’s call it a history of not being very good and leave it at that, because otherwise this article would just be twelve paragraphs of profanity and the occasional movie title.

As mentioned last time, generally the fact that these movies suck is because the people making them have no real understanding of the franchise or the fan base behind it. What doesn’t help is that they keep choosing franchises that are either obviously unsuited for a movie adaption or that just don’t deserve it because the story is poor at best. The last article on this matter dealt with the upcoming Uncharted movie (Click here to read that), so what drew our attention this time?

The Assassins Creed movie.


Game of Thrones: Aflevering 1 – 3 van Telltale


Een zwaard in het Duister

Voor degenen die dit nog niet wisten, Telltale (Bekend van episodische games als The Walking Dead en Tales from the Borderlands) hebben tijdje terug  een episodische game gebaseerd op Game of Thrones uitgebracht. In dit spel volgen we de avonturen van geheel originele personages, terwijl ze omgaan met zowel bekende gezichten uit de boeken / series evenals nieuwe.

De eerste en de tweede aflevering van dit verhaal zijn al een tijdje uit, maar de derde werd onlangs uitgebracht. Aangezien we net klaar zijn met spelen, hebben we besloten om te praten over het spel tot nu toe. Natuurlijk zal dit artikel spoilers hebben dus lees op eigen risico.


TellTale’s Game of Thrones: Episodes 1 – 3


The Sword in the Darkness

For those of you not aware, Telltale (Renowned for episodic games like The Walking Dead and Tales from the Borderlands) released an episodic game based on Game of Thrones a while back. In this game we follow the adventures of entirely original characters, while they interact with both familiar faces from the books/show as well as new ones.

The first and second episode of this tale have been out for a while, but the third one was released recently. As we’ve just finished playing, we decided to talk about the game so far. Of course, by its very nature,  this article will have spoilers so be wary all ye who enter here.