The Problem with Video Game Movies 2 – Electric Boogaloo

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As we’ve mentioned before here on the Fanbot, video game movies might seem like a good idea, but generally are not. The game you plan to adapt probably already has a massive fan following and you’ve got a very clear example of the general style and character likeness you can work towards.

Despite this, though, video game movies have a history of…Well…Let’s call it a history of not being very good and leave it at that, because otherwise this article would just be twelve paragraphs of profanity and the occasional movie title.

As mentioned last time, generally the fact that these movies suck is because the people making them have no real understanding of the franchise or the fan base behind it. What doesn’t help is that they keep choosing franchises that are either obviously unsuited for a movie adaption or that just don’t deserve it because the story is poor at best. The last article on this matter dealt with the upcoming Uncharted movie (Click here to read that), so what drew our attention this time?

The Assassins Creed movie.