Final Fantasy XV: One Last Delay (After 10 Years)


To call Final Fantasy XV’s development troubled is like calling the dead sea  faintly salty. Introduced back in 2006 as Final Fantasy Versus XIII, the game has now been in development in one form or another for 10 bloody years.

Now another trailer has come out. This is the 4th trailer in the World of Wonder promotion series and this one focusses mainly on aquatic regions and creatures. The game still looks absolutely gorgeous, but you have to wonder if it’s not put itself in an unmanageable position by this point. After 10 years, people will expect a lot from this game.

It has now been confirmed that the game will be delayed. Instead of September 30th, it will not be released until November 29th. Square Enix is supposedly considering releasing a PC version, so if we’re lucky we should get that somewhere between 2020 and the heat death of the universe.

With the new date in mind, if you’re still on the fence about getting the game, let’s talk about a few things about its development that stood out to us.



5 Main Things We Want To See In Pokémon Sun and Moon (Plus 3 Minor Things)


An update on Pokémon Sun and Moon is, supposedly, only hours away (At time of writing) and we’re quite eager to find out what it will entail. Will it just be another teaser trailer, or are we actually getting some gameplay and new Pokémon this time? Will there be new mechanics?

Pokémon never fails to get us hyped when it comes to new games. That being said, we’ve been loyal fans since then beginning and we’ve watched the games try out new things with each new generation, keeping some changes for future instalments and discarding others as they went along. By now, we know very well what pitfalls these games can encounter and there’s just certain things we hope they’ll avoid with Sun and Moon.

Of course, there’s thing we definitely hope they’ll include too! Both dropped features from older games, such as having Pokémon walk with you, or features that were never included in the first place but are often demanded by the fans.

Hence this list! These are the things we most hope to find in Pokémon Sun and Moon!


The Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s Changes

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Most of us were bouncing up and down with glee the when the remake of Final Fantasy 7 was announced . It’s been something that fans have wanted since a tech demo of the game’s opening sequence was released while we were still getting used to the PS3. Yet now we’re hearing some news about the game and…Well, the angle for the remake is interesting.

Interesting in a good way? Uh…Maybe?