Star Wars: Rogue One


Whether it’s in spite of the sense of predestined doom that hangs around all of the main characters or because of it, Star Wars: Rogue One is a very good movie.

We’ll admit we had our doubts going in. Retroactively messing with the continuity of a series like this is often not a good idea, after all. However, we were pleasantly surprised.

Be warned, this review will contain some spoilers!


Star Wars: The Force Awakens Review

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Star Wars, even people who have never seen the movies could probably tell you the basic plot by this point. It is both a truly beloved cinematic series to hundreds of thousands of people and a great example of just how quickly you can ruin something like that.

If Hollywood learned anything from that, it’s “Don’t give directors exclusive merchandizing and sequel rights.”

Despite the fact that George Lucas was in no way affiliated with this seventh film, people were still a bit worried. Would we get something like the original trilogy, or would it be more of the same nonsense from the prequels?

Thankfully this one leans closer to the original three and it turned out quite good.


E3 Confirmed Games!

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E3 is drawing ever nearer and of course we’re all very excited to see what the developers have to show this year. Thankfully the list of games we will undoubtedly see there has already been made clear and it seems we’ll be getting some interesting things.


E3 Bevestigde Games!

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E3 komt steeds dichterbij en natuurlijk zijn we allemaal erg enthousiast om te zien wat de developers dit jaar voor ons hebben. Gelukkig is de lijst van games die we er ongetwijfeld zullen zien al bekend gemaakt en het lijkt erop dat we een aantal interessante dingen gaan zien.


3 Interesting Upcoming Movies (Plus 1 Extra)


We’ve talked about upcoming books a bit and of course we’ve paid attention to the big upcoming movies, but there’s plenty of others we haven’t talked about yet. So we figured we’d look at some interesting fantasy movies that’ll be out soon.

Just in case any of you forgot mother’s day yesterday, we’ve included an extra one you might want to show them.


Why Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool movie absolutely has to be rated R

Ryan Reynolds

We greet you with a plate of chimichanga’s, because it’s time to talk chop. (Get it, chop-shop? Forget it.)

After the leak, and subsequent reception, of the 2-minute CG-clip showing off Ryan Reynolds as the always titillating and profoundly profane Deadpool, Marvel finally greenlit the production of a dedicated feature-film.

But, with rumors of a PG-13 rating spreading like wildfire, will the movie truly be able to capture the spirit of the comics?