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Pokémon Sun and Moon round-up 2: The demo!


Welcome to part 2 of the round-up! Here we’ll be talking about the demo for Pokémon Sun and Moon. Part 1 talks about an earlier trailer, concerning the evolution of Type: Null among other things, and Part 3 will focus on the latest trailer.


Top 3 – Metal Gear Solid Easter Eggs.

It’s Easter everybody, and you know what that means. It’s time to play some Metal Gear, while you and your family members were out looking at budding flowers and cuckooing chicks, we remained inside to plough through the entire Metal Gear Solid series in search of the series most obscure, hilarious or down-right disturbing Easter eggs. Hideo Kojima, renowned for his intricate (occasionally obtuse and winded) writing, has always had a knack for working strange and unexpected references and surprises into his titles. The Metal Gear Solid series, his Magnum Opus, has been tormented by his hijinks since its inception. In anticipation of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain’s September release, we’ve compiled a list of the cleverest Metal Gear Easter eggs.