A Guide to Proper Villainy


So you want to be evil? Well, we honestly can’t blame you, but are you qualified? When you were a child, did you ever knock over the block tower you’d just built, just to watch it crumble? When you see someone standing precariously close to the edge of the stairs, is there this little voice in your head telling you to push them?

When you see a baby, do you find yourself wondering if he really, truly, needs that candy? If so, you have two options!

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The answer is always, always “No, he doesn’t.”

  1. Get help. Seriously, find a good shrink and urge him to lock you in a padded room until you no longer feel the urge to watch your fellow man weep at your feet.
  2. Sign up for our quick and easy guide to proper villainy. For just a small monthly payment we here at Mephistopheles and Co will keep you updated on how to do the wrong thing, the right way.


It Follows Review

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You ever get the feeling that you’re totally alone and unprotected? Struggling against something you cannot begin to understand, that appears to show up everywhere? Have you ever felt like you were the only one who could see the truth, while everyone else simply went on with their lives and ignored the abomination in their midst?

Good. Then you know how we felt when we saw all the positive reviews after we finished watching It Follows.