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Resident Evil 7: The 3 Best and Worst Things!



With the Banned Footage DLC now available for Playstation owners (and on February 21st for everyone else) we felt like looking into the best and worst things Resident Evil 7 did.

For those of you who haven’t heard the internet going on about it yet: Resident Evil 7 is a very good game.

Though a bit jump scare heavy, it blends a properly tense and terrifying atmosphere with intense boss fights that let you blow off some steam. It suffers a bit in the third act, where the linearity sets in, but it has everything from back when Resident Evil games weren’t terrible as well as some cool new things. It’s not pretty, but it plays well, it draws you in and it’s well worth your time.

It’s a trip back to the series’ roots that isn’t afraid to throw in new stuff despite that.

However, no game is perfect. Let’s look at which parts of the game came out looking good and which ones still have some mold on them.


The Long Dark Alpha Review

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There are a lot of games built around the idea of survival in an unhospitable place. Often these also have zombies running around, which never fails to raise the question of why you wouldn’t try to survive anywhere else.

In most of these games, you eventually become something of a god of the wilderness, lugging around a presumably massive backpack full of crafting materials and DIY survival tools. The Long Dark says screw all that and sets out to remind you that you’d be a massive liability in any sort of survival situation.