Pokémon Sun and Moon – Final Trailer

4 DAYS TO GO! (…Sort of)

Well, we’re almost there. Pokémon Sun and Moon is just days away for those who ordered it instead of downloading the leaked file. At least it is for you damn Americans. Us Europeans have to wait for the 23rd because…actually we never got a reason. We’re therefore forced to assume that someone yelled “Fuck Europe!” during a Nintendo board meeting and nobody challenged him.

Now Nintendo has released one last trailer before the official launch date and it seems they actually still hadn’t quite told us everything.


Pokémon Sun and Moon Round-up 1: Evolutions and Trial Captains!


Welcome to part 1 of our round-up! In this part we’ll be addressing the older trailer and the Pokémon we’ve yet to go over. Part 2 will deal with the demo and Part 3 will deal with the latest trailer, so click on those if you’re interested.