A Return to Pokémon Go

maxresdefault (3)IT KIND OF WANTS YOU TO GO AWAY

When any meaningful updates seemed a long way away several months back, we kind of gave up on Pokémon Go. Our area simply offered too little of interest to keep playing and there wasn’t really any motivation other than the Pokémon you could catch and when we caught what was available, there was no real reason to continue. We weren’t having fun anymore.

Now, the second generation has been added as well as some daily rewards. Around the time of the previous global event, which massively increased the spawn rates of water-type Pokémon, we decided to give the game another shot.

So, having played the game fairly consistently for some time, what do we think?

Meh sums it up quite nicely.


Pokémon Sun and Moon Round-up 3: The Latest Trailer!


Welcome to the final part of our round-up! Part 1 talked about an earlier trailer and part 2 about the demo available in the eShop.

A few days ago we got a new trailer with some pretty special Pokémon. Not only did it show off the protectors for the remaining three islands, but it also showed us the final evolutions of our starter Pokémon!

The bad news: The Chinese leak was basically 100% correct and we still don’t really like these designs much.

The good news: Litten’s final evolution is not Fire/Fighting!


(More) Pokémon Sun and Moon news: Part 2 -Riding, Trials and Team Skull

Welcome to part 2! In part 1 we went over the new Pokémon and Alolan forms, but in this part we’ll be talking about some gameplay features and the recently revealed Team Skull!