Life Is Strange Conclusion Review!

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When people first recommended Life is Strange to us, we had a bunch of other games to play and we just never got around to it until about a week ago. Over the course of 4 episodes we fell utterly in love with the game and the story it presented us with and now…Now we’ve played episode 5: Polarity. We’ve reached the end.

It’s always a weird feeling, seeing something you love end. On the one hand it offers closure, if done properly. There’s nowhere else to go, the story is done. Characters will live on, or they won’t, but the part you witnessed is over either way.

Look, before we get into this, you should obviously stop reading if you haven’t played Life is Strange all the way through. SPOILERS, PEOPLE! Furthermore, we won’t really be going into much detail on the choices we made in previous episodes. Just know that we did everything we could to help Chloe.


Arguing with Anita

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If you’re anything like us, odds are you knew next to nothing about Anita Sarkeesian before the whole shit storm around her started. We’d seen one or two videos, but that was about it. And then Gamergate happened.

That was, to put it mildly, a complete clusterfuck of intolerance, stupidity and just all around terrible behaviour in which no side is without blame. As such, we will not be bringing it up again. If you missed the whole thing and want to find out what it’s about, feel free to google it.