The Last 3 Interesting May Novels!

We’re doing things a little differently this week. As we said last time, we’re having a lot of trouble finding novels to write about in May. Part of this is the fact that most novels came out in the first 2 weeks and almost nothing came out later. The other reason is that what little did come out later in May either made us gag or put us to sleep just from reading the summaries.

We figured we were better off not writing about those. So we decided to look at some of the novels that had already been released this month, but we haven’t read yet. In fact, for two of these we couldn’t even determine a release date beyond ‘sometime in May.’

At any rate, we found three that are well worth talking about once again and we hope you’ll enjoy reading. Next week we’ll be looking at June, so let’s hope next month will give us less trouble.


3 More Interesting May Novels

Jup, it’s time to look at some books coming out this month again. We’ve had some difficulty finding interesting books in the right genres. More so than last month, anyway. It just seems like less interesting novels are coming out this month and, while many came out in the last few weeks, there’s less coming out later in the month.

If we’re still struggling to find something to talk about next week, we might actually talk about the novels that came out earlier this month anyway. For now, though, we found three more that jumped out at us to talk about!


Nog 3 Interressante Boeken in Mei


Ja, we gaan weer kijken naar de boeken die deze maand nog uitkomen. We hebben wel wat moeite gehad om leuke boeken in de juiste genres te vinden. Meer dan vorige maand, in ieder geval. Het lijkt er gewoon op dat er wat minder bijzondere boeken uitkomen deze maand en er is heel veel in de afgelopen weken uitgekomen, terwijl er in de komende periode juist wat minder uitkomt.

Misschien hebben we het nog wel over deze boeken, als we volgende week nog steeds moeite hebben om iets te vinden. In ieder geval hebben we, na wat zoeken, toch weer een paar leuke boeken gevonden. Hopelijk vinden jullie het ook wat.


3 Interesting May Novels


April is over and May has just begun, so it’s time for us to look at some of the new novels coming out this month! We’ve done our research and picked out a few that jumped out at us. We hope you’ll find them to be interesting too!