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Final Fantasy XV: One Last Delay (After 10 Years)


To call Final Fantasy XV’s development troubled is like calling the dead sea  faintly salty. Introduced back in 2006 as Final Fantasy Versus XIII, the game has now been in development in one form or another for 10 bloody years.

Now another trailer has come out. This is the 4th trailer in the World of Wonder promotion series and this one focusses mainly on aquatic regions and creatures. The game still looks absolutely gorgeous, but you have to wonder if it’s not put itself in an unmanageable position by this point. After 10 years, people will expect a lot from this game.

It has now been confirmed that the game will be delayed. Instead of September 30th, it will not be released until November 29th. Square Enix is supposedly considering releasing a PC version, so if we’re lucky we should get that somewhere between 2020 and the heat death of the universe.

With the new date in mind, if you’re still on the fence about getting the game, let’s talk about a few things about its development that stood out to us.



The Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s Changes

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Most of us were bouncing up and down with glee the when the remake of Final Fantasy 7 was announced . It’s been something that fans have wanted since a tech demo of the game’s opening sequence was released while we were still getting used to the PS3. Yet now we’re hearing some news about the game and…Well, the angle for the remake is interesting.

Interesting in a good way? Uh…Maybe?


Life Is Strange Conclusion Review!

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When people first recommended Life is Strange to us, we had a bunch of other games to play and we just never got around to it until about a week ago. Over the course of 4 episodes we fell utterly in love with the game and the story it presented us with and now…Now we’ve played episode 5: Polarity. We’ve reached the end.

It’s always a weird feeling, seeing something you love end. On the one hand it offers closure, if done properly. There’s nowhere else to go, the story is done. Characters will live on, or they won’t, but the part you witnessed is over either way.

Look, before we get into this, you should obviously stop reading if you haven’t played Life is Strange all the way through. SPOILERS, PEOPLE! Furthermore, we won’t really be going into much detail on the choices we made in previous episodes. Just know that we did everything we could to help Chloe.


Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Announcement Trailer


There are two kinds of sequels. The ones that want to build on an existing world or story, because the creators of the sequel loved the original and feel there are places to go with the franchise. And then there is the sequel that was made because people wanted a pay check.

Thank god that Mankind divided appears to be the first kind.


Deus Ex: Humanity Divided Announcement Trailer

Er zijn twee soorten van sequels. Degenen die willen voortbouwen op een bestaande wereld of verhaal, omdat de makers van de originele game hielden en verder willen gaan met het franchise. En dan is er het vervolg dat is gemaakt omdat mensen dachten dat ze er geld uit konden halen.

Goddank lijkt Mankind Divided de eerste soort te zijn.