A Return to Pokémon Go

maxresdefault (3)IT KIND OF WANTS YOU TO GO AWAY

When any meaningful updates seemed a long way away several months back, we kind of gave up on Pokémon Go. Our area simply offered too little of interest to keep playing and there wasn’t really any motivation other than the Pokémon you could catch and when we caught what was available, there was no real reason to continue. We weren’t having fun anymore.

Now, the second generation has been added as well as some daily rewards. Around the time of the previous global event, which massively increased the spawn rates of water-type Pokémon, we decided to give the game another shot.

So, having played the game fairly consistently for some time, what do we think?

Meh sums it up quite nicely.


Pokémon Sun and Moon Round-Up Part 2:(Possible) New Features


Welcome to part 2 of our Pokémon round-up! If you’re looking for part 1, in which we discuss the new Pokémon that have been revealed, you can find it by clicking here.

In this article we’ll be talking about some features Sun and Moon will likely be bringing us. Or at least we want to, but a number of the features we’ve seen in trailers so far, we’ve only seen briefly and those have generally been purposely kept unclear. Therefore, while we can be sure about certain things, there will be some speculation as well. We’ve already talked about things like the new battle royal mode and the Rotom Pokédex, so we’ll be going over more recent trailers here.


Pokémon Sun and Moon Round-Up Part 1: The Pokémon



While the first months after the announcement of Pokémon Sun and Moon were a little devoid of news, it seems Gamefreak and Nintendo have decided to make up for that now by ensuring we’ve got a steady stream of information coming out.

There’s still a lot not clear, but we’ve got a good glimpse at the region and some of the creatures in it, including Tapu Koko, the protector of the island you’ll be starting out on.

Unfortunately other things got in the way at the time and we didn’t cover the news, so we’re doing a bit of a round-up now. How is this going to work? Well, this part will focus on the Pokémon revealed in the past few weeks. Part 2 will focus on (possible) new features we’ve glimpsed in the trailers.


Pokémon Sun and Moon: New Trailer, New Region and New legendaries!


Well, we’ve got a fair bit of information to work through. We got the name of this new region and saw a bit of it, got to know our starters and even met the two showcase legendaries.

Or…Well…We saw the legendaries, we just have no idea what they’re called yet. Either way, after a pretty long silence on the matter, we finally have new material to analyse and overthink!


5 Main Things We Want To See In Pokémon Sun and Moon (Plus 3 Minor Things)


An update on Pokémon Sun and Moon is, supposedly, only hours away (At time of writing) and we’re quite eager to find out what it will entail. Will it just be another teaser trailer, or are we actually getting some gameplay and new Pokémon this time? Will there be new mechanics?

Pokémon never fails to get us hyped when it comes to new games. That being said, we’ve been loyal fans since then beginning and we’ve watched the games try out new things with each new generation, keeping some changes for future instalments and discarding others as they went along. By now, we know very well what pitfalls these games can encounter and there’s just certain things we hope they’ll avoid with Sun and Moon.

Of course, there’s thing we definitely hope they’ll include too! Both dropped features from older games, such as having Pokémon walk with you, or features that were never included in the first place but are often demanded by the fans.

Hence this list! These are the things we most hope to find in Pokémon Sun and Moon!