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Inside the Game of Thrones – Three to go: Hardhome

After seven relatively quiet weeks the fifth season of Game of Thrones finally picked up steam with the first two of its final three episodes: “Hardhome” and a “Dance of Dragons”. The anticipation surrounding what had come to be known as the turning point of each Game of Thrones season, the ninth episode, had cooled somewhat following the unexpectedly bombastic eighth entry. Whereas the books kept the events at Hardhome neatly tucked away at the edge of the world, with no Point-Of-View characters to bear witness to it, the series decided to unleash the wrath of the White Walker army and its Night King in earnest. The ninth episode took an even more daring sidestep away from the books, resulting in another stomach-twisting, tear-jerking moment that will have fans talking for weeks to come. Without further ado, let’s get to it.