Pokémon Moon Fully Leaked and Playable!




It was probably inevitable, but we were honestly hoping it would take a little longer. Pokémon Moon has been fully leaked and a playable file can be downloaded by those who can find it!

Obviously, we will not be showing or talking about any sort of spoilers here. In fact, we’ve barely seen any part of this leak and we don’t really want to. We also won’t be posting links as they’re being taken down pretty quickly and for another reason we’ll go into later.

It’s basically all out there now. Story information, new attacks, new abilities, features not show in the trailer. Everything and more. If you want to see, go look for it.

How did this happen, though?

Yesterday, a 4chan user named Lurantis obtained a physical copy of Pokémon Moon. While the game is not supposed to be available in stores for about 1,5 weeks (and around 2 weeks for us Europeans), this is not a unique occurrence. Larger chain stores like Gamestop typically can’t really afford to give games out early, but smaller businesses are less scrutinized.

Lurantis detailed his journey on 4chan, giving other users information and screenshots of Pokémon stats, changes to the Pokémon formula and more.

At the time, they claimed to lack the required hardware/software to dump the game’s files online, but clearly that situation has been resolved. We are not certain if Lurantis obtained what he needed to put the game online, or whether someone else managed it.

As mentioned, we stayed away from spoilers for the most part, but we can tell you what people are freaking out about.

Lurantis chose Rowlet as a starter and, supposedly, its stats are rather disappointing. We don’t know what makes it such a disappointment, but it seems it won’t be the Pokémon people were expecting.

Furthermore, there have supposedly been some pretty radical changes to certain areas of the game as well, though we obviously don’t know details. The reception to these changes is, unsurprisingly, mixed. Some claim they’re changes for the better and of course some claim it’s ruined Pokémon forever.

Both statements should probably be taken with a fair measure of salt.

If you want to get in on this and try to download the file, you’d best move fast, because it probably won’t be up for long.

Pokemon X and Y leaked 3 days in advance of its release date, but at 10 days before launch, this is probably the earliest a Pokémon game has ever leaked. Hell, it might be the earliest any game has ever leaked in Nintendo’s and Gamefreak’s history.

Naturally, Nintendo is out for blood. A few heads might roll in their own organization, but you can bet they’re coming for the people involved with this leak too.

That X and Y leak we mentioned earlier? They actually flew representatives out to basically shake down everyone involved from the one who leaked the file to the store that sold him the game.

Nintendo does not take this sort of thing lightly and certainly not when it involves such an important title. Revealing too much might just end with a ninja armed with a Wii-mote on your doorstep.



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