Pokémon Sun and Moon – Final Trailer

4 DAYS TO GO! (…Sort of)

Well, we’re almost there. Pokémon Sun and Moon is just days away for those who ordered it instead of downloading the leaked file. At least it is for you damn Americans. Us Europeans have to wait for the 23rd because…actually we never got a reason. We’re therefore forced to assume that someone yelled “Fuck Europe!” during a Nintendo board meeting and nobody challenged him.

Now Nintendo has released one last trailer before the official launch date and it seems they actually still hadn’t quite told us everything.

The trailer starts by showing of Z-moves unique to our starter Pokémon, which doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Even before the leaks confirmed this, it was pretty much assumed that the starters would get personal Z-moves and a recent CoroCoro leak showed off their Japanese names.

Decidueye’s Z-move is called Sinister Arrow Raid, Incineroar has Malicious Moonsault and Primarina has Oceanic Operetta. All three have some pretty cool animations that fit the character of their respective starter quite well.

The information on Z-moves has been updated as well. The power of a Z-move is dependent on the power of the normal move it is linked to. For example, an electric Z-move will do more damage when combined with Thunderbolt than with Thundershock.

This led people to question whether a Z-move could be combined with a non-damaging status move like Thunder Wave. Apparently this is indeed possible and adding Z-power to a status move will get it extra effects, like raising your own stats in addition to applying a status condition to your enemy.

A number of Ultra Beast were also leaked through CoroCoro magazine, including UB05 Gluttony which was later showcased in this trailer.


Do you think it accidentally bites its own tentacles a lot?

So far, Gluttony easily has the most intimidating design out of all of the Ultra Beasts, but the trailer really didn’t give us anything else to go on. It seems we won’t find out more without actually playing the games.

The leaked images revealed two more Ultra Beasts, though their names have not yet been announced. Their designs are…Well, we’d love to call them anything but weirder…but they’re a lot weirder. Design-wise, we’re not a fan of the Ultra Beasts as a whole.


It’s really hard not to make boner jokes about that thing on the left.

The newly revealed UB03 Lightning doesn’t do a lot to change that opinion. There’s something to be said for simplicity in design but…really? Sentient wiring?


Fear the wrath of your christmas lights!

Some design we do like, though, is that of Alolan Diglet and Dugtrio. Is it weird? Sure, but there’s just something hilarious about seeing Dugtrio with hair. We can take or leave its new Steel/Ground typing or its new ability Tangling Hair, which lowers an opponent’s speed if they make contact.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The added Steel-type means Dugtrio can stand up to hits a bit better, but it’s still weak to Water. That means a lot of special attackers, who won’t have to worry about making contact in the first place. This change probably won’t do much for Dugtrio with competitive battlers.

What do you guys think of the new Ultra Beasts? You ready to get started on a new adventure? Let us know in the comments below!


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